JPED Volume 36 - Issue 1: Table of Contents

From the Guest Editor: Special Issue on Including Disability-Related Topics in Postsecondary Courses and Professional Development

Sheryl Burgstahler

Introducing Accessible Design to Students in Computer Science                                                                                

Anastasia Angelopoulou

Rania Hodhod

Kristin Lilly

Ann Newland

10-Day Campus Accessibility Challenge                                                                                                                                

Michele L. Thornton

Rebecca W. Mushtare

Laura J. Harris

Kathleen M. DeForest

The Accessibility Expedition: Viewing Design Through the Disability Lens (Brief)                                                 

Lauren Copeland-Glenn

Christopher S. Lanterman

Building Australian Tertiary Educator Knowledge and Skill in Universal Design For Learning (Brief)

Erin Leif

Elizabeth Knight

Jessica Buhne

Elicia Ford

Alison Casey

Annie Carney

Jennifer Cousins

Stuart Dinmore

Andrew Downie

Mary Dracup

Jane Goodfellow

Meredith Jackson

Noor Jwad

Dagmar Kminiak

Darlene McLennan

Mary-Ann O’Donovan

Jessica Seage

Mirela Suciu

David Swayn

Anyone Can Learn Universal Design: An Interdisciplinary Course Centered Around Blindness and Visual Impairment (Brief)

Brian W. Stone

Deana Brown

Designing for Accessibility in Online Learning: A Design Case (Brief)                                                                        

Mohan Yang

Victoria Lowell

Yishi Long

Tadd Farmer

Accessibility Within Professional Development: Two Promising Practices (Brief)                                                

Christa Miller 

Accessibility for All: Introducing IT Accessibility in Postsecondary Computer Science Programs for K-12 Teachers (Brief)

Rachel F. Adler

Devorah Kletenik

Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities in Higher Education: A Universal Design Toolkit (Book Review)

Margo Izzo