Spring 2009

Jeanne Kincaid – Update on the ADA Amendments Act

Summary of the ADA Amendments Act

Official Version of ADA Amendments Act of 2008

Q&A on 504

Jeanne Kincaid – FERPA for Disability Providers

I’ve Got A Secret

Article on FERPA Changes.

Jeanne Kincaid – Transition Issues

Transition – Understanding ADA vs. IDEA

Jeanne Kincaid – Emerging Case Law

Caselaw Update

Highlights of Court and Agency Rulings

Brian Nelson – Recent Changes in Utah’s Emotional Support Animal Law (SB 173)

SB 173

Proposed Regulations

Edward Martinelli – Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors.ppt

Kirk Dougher – Stress, Boundaries, and Burnout

Stress, Boundaries, and Burnout