Brown Bag Information Sessions

Thursday, July 23rd 12:45 pm – 2:00 pm

#IS7 The AccessText Information Network: A Digital Text Portal
Christopher Lee, AMAC/University of Georgia
Robert Martinengo, AMAC/ University of Georgia
Todd Runkle, AMAC/University of Georgia

IS 7 Powerpoint AccessText.pdf

IS 7 Powerpoint Text AccessText.rtf

#IS8 ADHD and Malingering in Postsecondary Settings: An Overview of
Emerging Issues
George Shaver, Regents Center for Learning Disorders

IS 8 Powerpoint ADHD and Malingering.pdf

IS 8 Powerpoint Text ADHD and Malingering.rtf

#IS9 On-The-Go Learning Using Digial Talking Books: An Implementation
in Blackboard Learning Mangement System
D’Nita Andrews-Graham, Norfolk State University
Marvin C. Clemmons Sr., Norfolk State University

#IS10 The Expanding World of Classroom Media: How Does It All Get
Ginny Chiaverina, PEPNet-Midwest, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Michelle Swaney, PEPNet-South, University of Tennesee

IS10 Handout 1.pdf

IS10 Handout 2.pdf

IS10 Powerpoint Expanding World.pdf

IS10 Powerpoint Text Expanding World.rtf

Pre-Dinner Information Sessions
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

#IS11 Disability Jeopardy®: An interactive Presentation on Disability
Services Issues
Deanna Arbuckle, University of Dayton
Brenda Cooper, University of Dayton

IS 11 Jeopardy.rtf

#IS12 E-Text Public Forum
Ron Stewart, AHEAD