Block 7

7.1 Tools for Accessing and Interacting with Graphics

7.1_Tools for Accessing Handout 1.rtf

7.2 How Much Flexibility? Exploring When Attendance/ Assignment Deadline Accommodations are Appropriate.

7.3 Intersection: Power, Privilege, and Disability

7.3_Power Privilege and Disability_Handout.rtf

7.4 Disability Services: Helping Those Who Serve Their Country

7.4_Disability Services-Helping Those Who Serve Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.4_Disability Services-Helping Those Who Serve Powerpoint.pdf

7.5 The Documentation of Disability Debate: a Panel Discussion of a Controversial Issue

7.5_Documentation of Disability Powerpoint

7.5_Documentation of Disability Powerpoint Text

7.6 Taking it to the Next Level: Advancing Awareness and Equity of Medical Trainees with Invisible Disabilities

7.6_Taking it to the Next Level Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.6_Taking it to the Next Level Powerpoint.pdf

7.7 Office for Civil Rights: The Year in Review

7.7 Office for Civil Rights Handout 1.rtf

7.8 Implementing a Social Justice Model: How One University is Making the Transition

7.8_Implementing a Social Justice Model Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.8_Implementing a Social Justice Model Powerpoint.pdf

7.9 Access College Today: A College Visitation Program for Students with Disabilities

7.9_Access College Today Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.9_Access College Today Powerpoint.pdf

7.10 New Student Orientation: A Nuts and Bolts Orientation Model for DSS Departments and Their Students

7.10_New Student Orientation Handout.rtf

7.10_New Student Orientation Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.10_New Student Orientation Powerpoint.pdf

7.11 Teaching Web Accessibility at the Source: in a University Media Design Class

7.11_Teaching Web Accessibility Handout 1.rtf

7.11_Teaching Web Accessibility Handout 2.rtf

7.11_Teaching Web Accessibility Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.11_Teaching Web Accessibility Powerpoint.pdf

7.12 The Way I Learn: Self-Awareness in Successful University Students with Learning Disabilities

7.12_The Way I Learn Handout 1.rtf

7.12_The Way I Learn Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.12_The Way I Learn Powerpoint.pdf

7.13 Remote English Literacy Instruction for Deaf Adults using Videconferencing Technologies

7.13_Remote English Literacy Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.13_Remote English Literacy Powerpoint.pdf

7.14 Using the NCES Data Analysis System (DAS) to Answer Questions Posed by Constituents

7.14_Using the NCES Handout 1.rtf

7.14_Using the NCES Powerpoint Text.rtf

7.14_Using the NCES Powerpoint.pdf