Concurrent Sessions: Block 4

Thursday July 14, 2011

2:00 pm-3:00 pm

#4.1 Optimizing Resources for Improved Braille Production – Part I: MS Word, a Braille Template and DBT

Susan Christensen, Braille Production & Software Specialist


Seattle quiz

Seattle table


4.1 Optimizing Resources for Improved Braille Production - Part 1

#4.2 Simulations no More! Ways to Incorporate Disability into a Diverse University Experience

Alberto Guzman, University of Arizona

Cheryl Muller, University of Arizona

SIMULATIONS NO MORE AHEAD 2011 outline draft

#4.3 Developing Grass-root Support for Access: Higher

Education and Disabilities in Nigeria

Ruth Aderanti, Babcock University, Nigeria

Mary Oluyemisi Aina, Federal College of Education

Olufunke J. Ogunsanmi, University of Ado Ekiti

#4.4 DOJ's 2011 Regulations: What You Need to Know and How to Prepare - Part II – Effective Communication and the ADA: Interpreters, Companions, VRI, TRS and the Web

Irene Bowen, ADA One, LLC

James Bostrom, US Department of Justice

Scott Lissner, The Ohio State University

John Catlin, LCM Architects, LLC


4.4 Concurrent

#4.5 Transition Jeopardy™: Insight into Postsecondary Transition for New/Newer DS Professionals

Deanna Arbuckle, University of Dayton

Brenda Cooper, University of Dayton

AHEAD 2011 4.5 Handout Statement

#4.6 Expanding Cultural Awareness of Exceptional Learners (EXCEL) in Postsecondary Environments - A Project Update

Christopher Murray, University of Oregon

Hilary Gerdes, University of Oregon

Allison Lombardi, University of Oregon

Franklin Bender, University of Oregon

4.6 EXCEL AHEAD 2011

4.6 Expanding Cultural Awareness of Exceptional Learners powerpoint text

#4.7 Religiosity among Postsecondary Students with Disabilities: Effects on Disability Acceptance and Self-esteem

Ammon McNeff, Brigham Young University

Michael Brooks, Brigham Young University

Jenny Brooks, Brigham Young University

4.7 Religiosity among postsecondary students with disabilities Outline Format


#4.8 New Student Orientation: A Nuts and Bolts Orientation Model for DSS Departments and Their Students

Mary Barrows, Northeastern University

AHEAD 2011 4.8 Handouts 2011

AHEAD 2011 4.8 DRC_LDP - Orientation Registration

AHEAD 2011 4.8 Handout 2011 2

AHEAD Presentation 2011 4.8 (2)

AHEAD Presentation 2011 4.8

#4.9 Collaborative Consultation with Faculty to Promote UDL: Supporting Learning Success

Lawrence G. Shelton, University of Vermont

Susan W. Edelman, University of Vermont

#4.10 Accommodations in Online Learning: You Can't Do It Alone. You Shouldn't Try.

Kelly Hermann, Empire State College

Jane Jarrow, DAIS/DCCOL


Challenges for SWD in online learning

DOE FAQ Alert notice 5.31.11


is online learning for me


#4.11 Engaging Unheard Voices: Two New Technologies for Including Deaf/blind Students in Technologically-Mediated Instruction

Valerie Haven, University of Massachusetts

#4.12 Determining Commonly Requested Accommodations: Applying Best Practices to Complex Cases for Decision-Making

Manju Banerjee, University of Connecticut

Loring Brinckerhoff, Educational Testing Service

AHEAD 2011 4.12 Audio Book Matching Profile for Students

AHEAD 2011 4.12 conference PP (for distribution)