The Westin Indianapolis Word Maps - First Floor

First floor
Entrance – the entrance to the Westin faces east and is a covered drive. As you face (west) the hotel the entrance has a revolving door with a standard door access (double door to a vestibule) on either side. The door on the left (south) has rails and has a push button on the left rail. All three doors have mats in front of them.

As you enter the hotel you are in the lobby the floor is an area carpet, and overall the floor is a combination of tile and carpet. Areas of activity are generally carpeted. On the opposite side of the lobby (west) is a meet/greet seating area (carpet). To your immediate right (north) is the Bell Captain and Concierge Desk (carpeted). To your left (south) is a small lobby that accesses the parking deck elevators. To the south of the seating area are stairs that access the second floor.

Registration Desk Lobby (north end)
Crossing the lobby and to the right (north) of the seating area, and behind the seating area is a wall. There is a path of travel (north/south) between the seating area and the wall. On either side of the wall (north/south side) is a hall (west) that accesses the hotel elevators.
Turn right (north) to access the hotel registration desk lobby. There entire area is carpeted with the exception of in front of the registration desk located on the west wall. The lobby has a seating/meeting area and business center that extends the length of the lobby with chairs and tables occupy the center of the lobby as well as along the east (right) and north wall. In the center of the area is a tall table with chairs that serves as an informal business center. There is a business center located in the FedEx Office on the second floor. Computers do not have accessibility software. There is a path of travel on the east side (right) just past the Bell/Concierge area (. At the northeast corner of the registration desk lobby is access to the State (meeting) Room.
At the wall past the seating area in the center of the lobby turn right (north) and stay on the left (west) wall to access the registration desk. The floor covering is tile. At the end of the wall the registration desk area is on your left (west).

South End (Starbucks, Gift Shop, Escalator, Restrooms, meeting rooms [not used for any AHEAD conference activity), FedEx Business Center, Maryland Street exit.

To access the south end of the first floor at the wall separating the elevators, turn left (south) and as you enter the south end the floor covering will change back to carpet. Heading south, on the right (west) is Starbuck’s (tile floor). There area is separated by two counters and between the two counter is an opening (west) that access the serving line, or at the south end of the counter, turn right (west) to also access the serving area on your right. The service lines moves from north to south and as you leave the service area (tile to carpet), turn right (west) to locate cream/sugar and other additives for your beverage.

Opposite Starbuck’s on the east wall is the Gift Shop. The ‘wall’ of the gift shop is glass and a sliding glass panel (door) provides access (going east) and the shop extends to the right (south). There is a myriad of racks with clothing and ‘stuff’ with no discernable pattern of placement. The service counter is located in the back (southeast corner).

To the south of Starbuck’s in the middle of the south end lobby is an escalator that goes up to and down from the second floor. The escalators provide a nice sound for location. Up escalator is on the right (west) side. There is a metal plate at the base and top of the escalator. On either side of the escalator at the base are two large (36 inch diameter) columns. There are also two large columns at the south end of the escalator and a seating area between them.

As you enter the south end and pass Starbucks (on your right), turn right (west) and on the north wall (right), the first opening before the water fountains is the entrance to the Women’s restroom. Inside the door, sinks are on your left and stalls are on the left wall.
Just past the water fountains on the right is the entrance for the Men’s restroom, turn left (west) and as you enter, turn right (north) and on your right (east) are sinks on the east wall. Continue along the wall and to your right, parallel to the sinks, are urinals (right wall) and toilets, (left wall).

Toilets are motion control operated (no manual flush mechanism). Facets on sinks are also motion activated. Soap dispensers are located at the right side of the facet and tows are one the side walls at the sinks. Trash/towel dispenser is located on the wall at the end of the sinks.

FedEx Business Center – located on the west wall of the south end. Going west past Starbucks toward the restrooms, at the water fountains, turn left (south) and the entrance of the business center is on the west wall. There is no accessible software on the computers but the service personnel will provide assistance.

Maryland Street Exit
With the exception of the Maryland Street exit the remainder of the south end are conference meeting rooms on the east (past the Gift Shop) and south wall and the and Capitol Ballroom (on the west side). The south end lobby has tables and chairs around the perimeter walls and along the sides of the escalator. The Maryland Street exit is located on the west wall, opposite the back of the escalator. Taking a line of travel (south) with Starbucks on your right (west) and keeping the sound of the escalator on your right (west) turn right (west) at the south wall. There is a long table along the wall and past the table on your left (south) are the doors to Maryland Street. There are two sets of doors and as you exit there are three steps that lead to the sidewalk. Returning after 6:30 p.m. you will need to your room key to unlock the door and the sensor is locate on the left (west) facing the building approximately 48 inches. Same as for your room, hold the key near the sensor and it will unlock the door.