Orlando Hilton Word Maps - The Corridor

In the northwest corner of the lobby at the Bell Captain Station is a corridor that leads to the conference area. As you exit the elevator lobbies (facing south) turn right (west). Meet and greet seating areas on your left (south). Continue west past the Bell Captain station and you will come to the Concierge’s Desk and enter the ‘corridor’ and the floor surface will change to carpet. The corridor is approximately 20 feet wide is about 100 feet long and has a slight curve to the right. The left (south) wall is all glass that looks out to the covered drive entrance to the hotel and has plants and chairs along the south wall. On the right (north) is the Lobby Bar that has 3 sets of steps (3 stairs) up to the Bar. There is a set of steps just west of the Concierge’s Desk, a set in the middle of the bar and one at the west end. All sets of steps extend into the path of travel in the corridor.

As you pass the Lobby Bar, on your right (north) you will come to the double door entrance to David’s Club (Bar and Grille) opens at 4:00 p.m.

Just past (west) David’s Club on your right (south) is a hallway that leads (via elevator/escalator/stairs) to the self-parking garage. As you turn right (north) into the hallway, on your left (west) is a door that leads to the 24 Hour Market.

If you continue west past the hallway, on your right (north) is the main entrance to the 24 Hour Market. Continuing west past the 24 Hour Market, the next set of doors on your right (north) is the entrance to Destination Essentials (Gift Shop). Continuing west past the gift shop you will come to the end of the shops with the UPS Store. Turn right (north) and the entrance will be the first doors on your right.

If you continue north past the UPS Business Center you will locate Men/Women’s restrooms.

If you continue a straight line (west) past the UPS Business Center at the end of the corridor, on the right (north side) you will come to a set (3) escalators (one down – north and one up (south) with the middle escalator changing directions depending on the activity demand) that go down to the convention activities (meeting rooms, Exhibit Hall, plenary sessions). The escalators provide a nice sound orientation. On the left side (south) of the escalators are steps that lead down to the convention activities. On the south side of the corridor, before you get to the top of the steps is a small hallway that has and ATM machine and an elevator to take you down to the convention activities.

On the south side of the corridor across from the 24 Hour Market is a hallway that leads to the Lake Meeting Rooms that will be used for conference activities.