2001 AHEAD Conference

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

July 24 - 28, 2001

Materials available upon request. Please send email to ahead@ahead.org. Please note, AHEAD takes no responsibility for content, format, or availability of these materials.

  • A Textbook Approach to Textbooks: Early Publisher-Focused E-Textbook Legislation, Ron Blosser, Barbara Gray, Jo Anne Simon, David Sweeney
  • ADA Legal Update, Jeanne M. Kincaid, Esq.
  • ADA Myths & Misunderstandings, Jeanne M. Kincaid, Esq.
  • ADA/Section 504 Compliance: What to Do When EEOC or OCR Comes to Campus, Anthony Walesby
  • Best Practices in Access Assistance, University of Minnesota, Disability Services
  • Charting New Territories Assessing Learning Disabilities in a Multicultural Environment, M.J. McIntyre, S. Tam, L. Brawn
  • Delivery of an Innovative Assistive Technology Training Program, Kirk D. Behnke & Leah Vickery
  • Disabilities Services in Developing Countries, Patricia Frola
  • Disability Careers Office
  • Disability Studies and Issues in Literature Bibliography, Susan Rood
  • Effective Communications - Faculty Handouts, Richard Harris
  • Emerging Issues Legal Plenary, Jo Anne Simon, Esq.
  • Enhancing Reading and Study Strategies with WYNN, Renee Clark
  • E-Text Bill, AHEAD 200
  • Federal Court Cases of Interest, Jo Anne Simon, Esq.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Further Readings, Richard Harris
  • Geek Speaking, Tracy Smith, Tamara Massey, Dr. Holly Brown
  • Internet Skills Assessment
  • PC Skills Assessment
  • Grant Writing Fundamentals
  • Interpreting Diagnostic Assessments of Adults with Learning Disabilities, Janet Medina, Psy.D.
  • Making a Difference, Melanie Thornton
  • OCR 2001 Cases, Tim Spofford, et al
  • Operationalizing Who is Disabled, Jeanne M. Kincaid, Esq.
  • Reasonable and Appropriate Accommodations, Alan L. Strauss
  • Reframing Disability and Redesigning Services, Sue Kroeger, Alan Strauss
  • Refreshable Braille Project, Gladys Loewen
  • The Roles of Disability Service Coordinators: The Challenge of Balancing Multiple Expectations, Ruth Warick
  • SOCL 150: Disability and Society - Course Syllabus, Susan Rood
  • Student Disability Center, Christine O'Dell
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, Alan L. Strauss
  • Web Accessibility and the Law: What to Know, What to Quote, What to Do, Brian Rose, Tim Spofford, David Sweeney
  • When You're It: Successful Strategies for the Single Staff Office