Westin North Lobby Foyer Word Map

North Lobby Foyer

At the north end of the lobby is the north lobby foyer that accesses O’Connor’s Irish Pub, Laugh Boston (nightclub), Marina Ballrooms (not used for AHEAD Conference activities), escalators up to north mezzanine and lower Concourse to (Galleria – Exhibit Hall for AHEAD Conference), elevators and escalators. 

At the north end of the lobby, turn right (east) and you will be at the southwest corner of the north lobby foyer.  On your immediate right (south wall) is an ATM machine.  On the opposite (east) wall on the south side is an elevator lobby that accesses the parking garage, the north side Concourse (lower) and north side mezzanine level.  To the north of the elevator lobby on the east wall is the entrance to the Marina Ballrooms. To your left (north) on the west wall near the north end of the foyer is the entrance to M.J, O’Connor’s Irish Pub.   Past O’Connor’s on the north wall is the entrance to Laugh Boston (night club).

In the center of the North Lobby Foyer are escalators.  The elevator on the right (east side) is the up escalator (to mezzanine – Harbor Ballrooms and meeting rooms) and the left (west) goes down to the Concourse level and Galleria (Exhibit Hall).