2021 Exhibitor Directory

2021 AHEAD Conference Sponsors

Accessible Information Management logo
Accessible Information Management (AIM) LLC
Website: www.accessiblelearning.com

Accessible Information Management provides Disability Service offices with an online database system that manages, tracks and provides metrics on all student requests for accommodations and services. Not only does it streamline services, but it also allows students to select accommodations and provides a method of real time tracking of information.

Contact: Robert Armas

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Ai Media logo
Website: www.ai-media.tv
Ai-Media, a world leader in delivering the highest quality accessibility resources, transforming the professional and educational experience of deaf and hard-of-hearing people by providing immediate access to the spoken word. It is a flexible, scalable solution for learners with communications barriers including autism, deafness, learning difficulties, and for students for whom English is an additional language.

Contact: Phil Hyssong

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aira logo
Aira Tech Corp
Website: www.Aira.io/Ahead
Aira provides visual interpreter services for students and staff who are blind, low vision, deaf, deaf/blind or hard-of-hearing and neurodiverse. Using a smartphone app, students can connect with a trained, paid professional visual interpreter who can assist with a range of tasks.

Contact: Access@aira.io

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Bloom Consulting logo
Bloom Consulting
Website: www.bloomconsultingco.com/cc

As the leading provider of vocational services, evaluations, and training, Bloom Consulting is proud to launch our Campus Connections-College Support program for neurodiverse students and students with disabilities. The program provides comprehensive wraparound college support, weekly coaching sessions, and post-graduation job placement in collaboration with our higher education institutional partners.

Contact: Dr. James Williams. National Director of Campus Connections, 512-537-1661

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CommonLook logo
Website: https://commonlook.com/get-started-with-commonlook/

CommonLook® is a world-leading provider of software products and professional services enabling government agencies and corporations to meet their obligations for electronic document accessibility to achieve compliance accessibility standards, including WCAG, PDF/UA and Section 508.

CommonLook also leads in PDF accessibility through contributions from its key executives to standards-setting entities.

Contact: Dave Herr

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Continual Engine US LLC logo
Continual Engine US LLC
Website: https://continualengine.com/

Continual Engine is a Learning Process Automation company offering solutions to address content accessibility and learning platform needs. Drawing on 20 years of academic and corporate learning experience and extensive expertise in artificial intelligence and automation technologies, Continual Engine is solving the most onerous problems facing the learning industry today.

Contacts: Rajiv D. Narayana. Chief Learning Officer, 303.524.2181; Vijayshree Vethantham. VP, Partner Engagements , 315.807.1450

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CUNY School of Professional Studies logo
The CUNY School of Professional Studies

The CUNY School of Professional Studies has led online education in New York for over 15 years, meeting the needs of adults who wish to finish a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree or certificate in a specialized field, and advance at work or change careers.

Contact: disabilitystudies@sps.cuny.edu

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Glean logo
Website: www.glean.co
Glean is the antidote to information overload for improved student success. Our inclusive learning technology empowers 100,000s of students with a proven note taking process. Designed for students of all abilities, Glean for Education facilitates learning across campus with a suite of tools that build 21st century skills.

Contact: sales@glean.co727 474 1118

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Hamilton CapTel logo
Hamilton CapTel
Website: https://hamiltoncaptel.com/

Connect with what matters most in life using Hamilton® CapTel®. Discover the online process that certifies individuals with hearing loss for a captioned phone at no cost. Reliable captions of what’s said over the phone ensure clarity on every call – at home and at work!

Contact: Mitchell Levy, 877-455-4227

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Website: www.hricart.com
With automated speech recognition (ASR) products being introduced almost daily, is new better? Trained and nationally certified, human-based captioning has been the gold standard in speech-to-text services for over two decades. With so many options, it can be intimidating to make the right choice for your student. Come and join us for a comprehensive 2021 update on captioning.

Contact: info@hricart.com877-372-2278

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Institute for Human Development at NAU logo
Institute for Human Development at NAU
Website: Nau.edu/ihd

Our mission is to promote full inclusion by advancing attitudes that value persons with disabilities and enhancing access to all aspects of the human experience. We introduce our Disability Resource Specialist graduate certificate that prepares individuals to ensure equitable access to post-secondary education for students with disabilities.

Contact: ihd@nau.edu, 928.523.5590

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JST Coaching & Training logo
JST Coaching & Training
Website: www.jstcoaching.com

JST Coaching & Training is the leading authority on student and ADHD/EF coaching. Our research-based higher education training programs provide DSS professionals with coaching skills and strategies to help students improve self-advocacy and critical thinking skills which increase resiliency and self-determination, leading to persistence to graduation and greater success in life.

Contact: info@jstcoaching.com or 703-548-3161

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Phonak logo
Phonak Work Life
Website: www.us.morethanahearingaid.com

Our mission is to provide innovate hearing solutions, accommodation guidance, and education for students transitioning to post-secondary education and the workplace. We believe that a holistic approach is necessary which considers solutions beyond a hearing aid.

Contacts: Dr. Bill Bielski, Senior Campaign Manager; Helene Rydell, Worklife Sales and Product Specialist 

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Present Pal (Estendio) logo
Present Pal (Estendio)
Website: www.presentpal.co.uk

Present Pal’s mission is to unlock potential through inclusive technology for all. Present Pal is a communication tool that was created as a solution to a real-life challenge. The App works like a set of interactive flashcards that provide you with an accessible way to create your presentation notes.

Contact: Amer Latif, VP of Sales

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ReadSpeaker logo
Website: www.readspeaker.com/education

ReadSpeaker, a leader in TTS, provides accessibility tools with certified integrations in Blackboard, Canvas, BrightSpace and other LMS providers.  Utilizing the best voices in the market, our tools enhance the online learning experience for ALL learners AND provide the flexibility and compatibility to provide accommodations for testing using UDL methodology.

Contact: Paul Stisser, Sales; Kathy Wood, Partner Contact

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Symplicity logo
Website: https://www.symplicity.com/higher-ed/solutions/accommodate
Symplicity Accommodate helps institutions manage accommodations and resources for students with disabilities to ensure student success and compliance with university policies and governmental regulations. We encourage students to self-advocate through learning access plans, online requests, and access to resources. Accommodate is the most intuitive and supported product in the market

Contact: info@symplicity.com

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TechnoPro's Clockwork Enterprise logo
TechnoPro Computer Solutions
Website: www.clock-works.us
Clockwork Enterprise software has been assisting student services staff with their daily workload emphasizing ease of use, confidentiality, reporting, a customizable environment.  Now Clockwork unequaled for its flexibility, is available in the “Cloud”.  It flourished at addressing needs at the department, school, district level. ClockWork can help you move away from your frustrating fruitless paper driven system into sunlight of paperless, digital workflow management. 

Contact: George Melendy, 1-866-680-2491 ext 380

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T-Base logo
T-Base Communications USA, Inc.
Website: www.tbase.com
T-Base Communications specializes in the design, production and delivery of textbooks and instructional materials in a wide range of alternate formats: accessible PDF, e-Text, audio, MathML, braille and reflowed large print. T-Base also offers a suite of digital accessibility services, including live-user audits of websites, mobile apps and IoT products.

Contact: info@tbase.com, 1-800-563-0668

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T-Mobile Accessibility logo
T-Mobile Accessibility
Website: www.T-Mobile.com/access

T-Mobile Accessibility is the largest Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) provider in the United States offering products and services to the bridge telecommunications gap for customers who are deaf, deafblind, have a hearing or vision loss, and/or have a speech disability. T-Mobile has telecommunication solutions for everyday needs

Contact: Alana.Beal@t-mobile.com

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UExamS/ REMOTEi logo
Website: https://remotei.ai/
uExamS is the leading global provider of testing and education support solutions, specializing in accommodations support. Our remote proctoring platform, REMOTEi, is the first solution to provide live accommodations support in a remote setting. We work with clients to ensure everyone gets a fair shot in achieving their education and career goals.

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Verbit logo
Website: https://verbit.ai/

Verbit is the leading interactive transcription and captioning solution. Verbit’s in-house, AI-based technology is able to transform both video and audio in both post-production or real-time formats into 99% accurate captions and transcripts at quick turnaround times. The combination of Verbit’s in-house ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) technology, which is fact-checked by human transcribers, provides a competitive advantage. This hybrid model provides students with the power to better understand their coursework and professors while providing accessible materials via interactive, collaborative transcripts of courses, meetings and more. Verbit is committed to helping schools meet the necessary ADA standards.

Contact: Danielle Chazen

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2021 Conference Exhibitors

360 Accessibility Generator for Virtual Tours logo
360 Accessibility Generator for Virtual Tours
Website: https://barnescreativestudios.com/www.amacusg.org
360 Accessibility Generator for Virtual Tours by Barnes Creative Studios (BCS) is the first and only solution to make 360 virtual tours accessible and ADA compliant. BCS is an official partner with Matterport and also has solutions for other virtual tour brands including Kuula, 3D Vista and more. There are both self serve and full serve options available.

Contact: barnes@barnescreativestudios.com or 404-954-2005

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Academic Press logo
Academic Success Press, Inc.
Website: www.academicsuccess.com
Academic Success Press works with disability services, specifically focusing on disabilities such as SLD, ADHD, and TBI.  Experts provide assistance in these areas:  students’ diagnoses with interpretations and effects on learning;  learning and testing accommodations, course substitution policies; mathematics; study skills; anxiety reduction; specialized tutor training; administrative, faculty, professional workshops.

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Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society (DAPi) logo
Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society (DAPi)
Website: www.deltaalphapihonorsociety.org

Join a dynamic and growing organization! Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society (DAPi) is the premiere collegiate, academic honor society for high-achieving students with disabilities. With over 180 chapters in 37 states and DC, DAPi provides opportunities for leadership, advocacy and education in disability issues, and offers an annual scholarship for active undergraduate members.

Contact: Dr. Edith F. Miller, Co-founder/ Membership chair

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Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation (CIDI) logo
Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation (CIDI)
Website: www.cidi.gatech.edu/ahead
The Center for Inclusive Design & Innovation (CIDI) is a services and research center dedicated to accessibility. Serving educational institutions for over two decades, our team of experts provide services in braille, e-text, captioning, assistive technology, student accommodation management, and more. Visit our website for more information or a virtual tour!

Contact: Shaina Walker, Shaina.walker@design.gatech.edu

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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation logo
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation 
Website: https://www.christopherreeve.org/
The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to providing services and information to those with paralysis, their families, and caregivers. Through our services, individuals are offered countless resources on paralysis as well as access to free programs that benefit the paralysis community and support an all-inclusive world. 

Contact: Kyle Marrs, 973-933-7208

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National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, Library of Congress logo
National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, Library of Congress
Website: www.loc.gov/nls
Since 1931, NLS has provided free braille and talking books and magazines to readers who have a visual, physical, perceptual, or reading disability that prevents them from reading regular print. Library materials are circulated by postage-free mail through a network of cooperating libraries and are available for download through BARD.

Contact: Gabrielle Barnes, gbarn@loc.gov

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NSITE logo
Website: https://nsite.org
Your Talent Management Solution that provides training and a continuum of employment services that connect employers with talented, dedicated people who are blind, visually impaired, and/or veterans to meet their workforce needs.

Contact: Billy Parker

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