WEBINAR: Identifying and Removing Barriers to Access: Using a Framework to Guide Considerations of C

When:  Feb 13, 2020 from 03:00:01 PM to 04:30:01 PM (ET)

Jamie Axelrod, M.S., Northern Arizona University
Adam Meyer, Ed.D., University of Central Florida

When complex requests, such as extending deadlines for assignments, are presented to us, it can be difficult to know how to assess their reasonableness. Much time can be spent analyzing how to proceed. In the end, how do we know if the accommodation would actually address a barrier and provide access? In this webinar, we will explore this question and propose a framework for considering challenging requests. We will model the proposed framework through the example of extended time for deadlines to provide a concrete example of its use. While the framework is not meant to be a checklist that would turn complex requests into routine decisions, having a structured approach to considering requests can increase confidence in decision-making.