WEBINAR: A Disabled American in Paris. Or Was It Nairobi? Reasonable Accommodations for Students wit

When:  Apr 2, 2020 from 03:00:30 PM to 04:30:30 PM (ET)

Justin Harford, M.A., Mobility International USA
Monica Malhotra, M.A., Mobility International USA

Sooner or later, your students will want to study or intern abroad through one of your college's many international exchange offerings. While the law technically doesn't require you to provide reasonable accommodations outside of U.S. soil, that doesn't mean that you should not go for extra credit. It is possible and affordable to make study abroad experiences accessible for students with disabilities abroad with preparation. In this webinar, staff from MIUSA's National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange will equip you with the tools to be an advocate for access to all of your institution's programs by understanding the legal nuances and acting as the campus go-to expert on all things disability and exchange.