WEBINAR: Individualized Interactive Accommodation and Fundamental Alteration Determinations

When:  Oct 10, 2022 from 02:00:00 PM to 04:00:00 PM (ET)

This two-hour presentation will address the law and best practices for implementation of two essential processes:  

  • the individualized interactive communication process for determining appropriate accommodations  
  • the process for determining whether authorization of an accommodation would entail a fundamental alteration. 

This webinar will address: 

  • What is the legal basis for requiring use of these processes?   
  • Must each of these processes be used in every instance where an accommodation is requested or denied? 
  • What do OCR and court decisions tell us about when each process is required? 
  • When must a school implement these processes and what are the best ways to do so? 
  • What are the elements of a compliant process?  
  • When should faculty be involved in these processes? 
  • What can be done in advance to prepare for when these processes must be used? 
  • Are there any model policies available to consider for adoption? 

      This webinar will be two hours long so that plenty of time for Q&A can be provided. 


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