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Issue 01, February 2016

President's Corner

Welcome back to a new academic term and Happy 2016 to one and to all! I also want to welcome you to our new online publication, The HUB! This replaces our former newsletter, ALERT. READ MORE...

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Legal Update

Series: AHEAD of the ADA Access Curve

By Irene Bowen, ADA One, LLC

This is the thirteenth in a series of articles, “AHEAD of the ADA Access Curve,” to assist disability service providers, ADA Coordinators, and others in promoting compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, section 504, and the Fair Housing Act. This series approaches selected issues as key to the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. It is intended to provide some helpful tools in a time of shifting requirements and shrinking resources.READ MORE...

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Meet a Member

Leila McKinney

This edition features Leila McKinney, Director of AIM (Aspiration, Inspiration, and Motivation) and the Student Disability Services (SDS) at Spartanburg Community College (SCC). Leila has dedicated the last eighteen years of her professional career to SCC. Prior to taking over the leadership of her institution’s SDS office three years ago, Leila worked mainly with the AIM program which is a Perkins Grant funded program with the purpose of supporting academic needs of students in her college’s vocational programs. She is not completely new to the needs of students with disabilities as her office was located right across from the assistive technology lab and the SDS office. Additionally, some of the students she worked with were also registered with and receiving services from the SDS. READ MORE...

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Research Corner

AHEAD’s New Information Services Portal

By Sally Scott, AHEAD Senior Research Associate

In November AHEAD launched a new member resource, the Information Services Portal. The Portal contains a variety of tools, links, and materials to support the use of research and data in your daily work. Similar to the Wiley Legal Database offered by AHEAD, the portal provides searchable information that is easy to access and available when you need it. Here are some reasons to get started with the portal. READ MORE...

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Affiliate Updates

It is my great pleasure to introduce our new 2015-2016 Lead Affiliate Representative, Katy Washington. Katy is from the University of Arkansas and serves as the Center for Educational Access Director. She has been a member of AHEAD and Arkansas-AHEAD for ten years. Katy has held leadership positions in Arkansas-AHEAD including President, Vice-President, and Member-at-Large. READ MORE...

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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Private Colleges/ICU SIG Meeting Minutes:

The Private College SIG group met Thursday July 16 at the AHEAD Conference. We had 18 people in attendance and several topics of discussion. The Private Colleges are concerned with videos on the web and in classrooms being captioned. We talked about different struggles from schools not concerned with web accessibility to how we do this all ourselves. A suggestion was made to form a committee on each campus to address web accessibility issues. More concerns addressed about Disability Services offices not having the staff/resources to make all the access changes needed. READ MORE...

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Special Feature

Scholarships are Much More than Money

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1991 to provide scholarships to help disadvantaged people to obtain post- secondary education. The idea was simple. College is expensive and money would help disadvantaged people to pursue their dreams. Money seemed to be the key ingredient. About one third of the Foundation’s grant making is dedicated to students with disabilities. Their financial case seemed even more compelling because it would likely be more difficult for students with disabilities to work part time while attending college. READ MORE...

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Online Research Opportunity For College Students With Disabilities

Rebecca Hanna is a graduate student in the Rehabilitation Counseling program at Northern Illinois University (NIU). She is conducting a survey-based thesis study that involves gaining a better understanding of how social support and student involvement influences the experiences of college students with disabilities. Eligible participants are currently enrolled students who are registered to receive services at your institution’s disability resource center. READ MORE...

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Check out the following articles for some interesting information regarding disability: READ MORE...

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