Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Private Colleges/ICU SIG Meeting Minutes:

The Private College SIG group met Thursday July 16 at the AHEAD Conference. We had 18 people in attendance and several topics of discussion. The Private Colleges are concerned with videos on the web and in classrooms being captioned. We talked about different struggles from schools not concerned with web accessibility to how we do this all ourselves. A suggestion was made to form a committee on each campus to address web accessibility issues. More concerns addressed about Disability Services offices not having the staff/resources to make all the access changes needed.

The second topic of discussion was the need/request for more students needing or requesting private dorm rooms. We discussed having a university committee with an approval process to help with this process.

The third concern is testing areas at smaller universities: (a) Concerns of having limited space and not enough man power, and (b) Suggestion of making forms in digital format to speed the process for professors and testing center staff.

The fourth thing discussed was what data system Disability Service Offices are using. Some are using SAM, AIM, Clockwork, and Accommodate. Discussion of how often reports are run and to whom do the reports go to.

The ICU list-serv is very active and everyone was given Jane Jarrow’s email address to get connected to the list-serv.

One question for AHEAD Board of Directors, how can we get names of new members that may be interested Private College/ICU SIG?

Thank you,

Lori Colchagoff,
ICU Team Leader

Community College SIG: Report from 2015 AHEAD Conference

• There were 7 individuals in attendance – a mix between new and veteran service providers.

• We had a discussion topic: Best practices in assessment. Participants were encouraged to bring examples and tips to share.

• The group discussed the possibility to continue the track for future conferences and possibly collaborate with another SIG to address issues for small campus offices.

• Those in attendance feel that the development of a CC-SIG Wiki would be helpful for members to share information and best practices. We viewed a sample Wiki that could be implemented for interested participants.

• Those in attendance enjoyed time to network and to share ideas.
• We have a new Co-Chair, Teressa Eastman from Butler Community College.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Radt
CC-SIG Co-Chair