J.W. Marriott Word Maps - Hallways and Guest Rooms

The guest room hallways have a north/south orientation. Odd numbered of rooms are on the east side and even numbered are on the west side.

The elevator lobby (all floors) is on west side of the hallway. Facing east from the lobby across the hall on the east side are XX21 and XX23 with numbers increasing to your right (south) and decreasing to your left (north)

The hallways are just under six feet wide, and guest rooms doors are set back approximately 12 inches and are usually paired (e.g. XX07/XX09 in a setback.

Fourth Floor –
The even numbered rooms (west side) begin at 402 at the north end and stop at 420 just before the elevator lobby. Odd numbered rooms (east side) begin at 401 at the north end and stop at 439 [there is no #13 room].

Floors 5 through 33 –
The room numbers begin on the north end with XX01 (east side) and going to XX43 at the south end, [there is no #13 room]. Even numbers begin on the north end XX02 (west side) and stop at XX20, which is followed by the elevator lobby on the west side. The room number continues with XX32 and ends with XX42 at the north end of the hall.

Floors 23-33
The same numbering applies however because of the Concierge Lounge (31st floor occupies 3119 to 3129) and Executive Suites on the upper floors some room numbers are absorbed in the suites.

Emergency Stairs
Located at the north end on the west side between XX02 and XX06, essentially occupying XX04, and at the south end, on the west side between XX38 and XX42 (last room) essentially occupying the space of XX40).
On the fourth floor the emergency stairs is the last door on the right at the end of the hallway.
The emergency stairs have an area of safe rescue at the landing outside of the door. The stairs are switchback e.g. down, turn and continue down. Once your have entered the stairwell, there is no access back to the guests floors.

Guest Rooms
Note: the bottled water in the rooms is free.
Guest rooms are typically singles (Kings) or doubles (two Queens). The room number (and braille) is on a raised panel on the protruding wall (not right next to the door – no space) on a decorative panel. Access to the room is use of a key card to be inserted in a horizontal slot about 5 inches above the door lever (horizontal). All single have a shower in the bathroom and doubles have a tub.

As you enter the room the bathroom will be on the opposite side from which the room door opens.
When the door is closed, there is a deadbolt knob above the lever handle – turn right (12 o’clock position to 2 o’clock position) to engage. There is also a wire-loop security latch about five and half feet above the floor.
Between the bath and the sleeping area is the closet. The closets are somewhat short as the clothes hanging bar does not go the length of the closet, but there are a couple of clothes bars that extend from the back wall of the closet.

As you enter the room, on the same side as the bathroom is the bed. Singles will have a nightstand on either side of the bed and there is one nightstand between the doubles. Above the nightstand are a light and a reading light that have toggle switches on either side of the reading light. At the base of the light plate is a power outlet.
There is a radio with iPod connector on the nightstand

Between the beds a window (outer wall) is a chair or loveseat)

Across from the bed is a desk – close to the window that has a pullout desk. On the desk is a lamp with a toggle switch on the base and two power outlets. There is only one telephone in the room on the desk. Next to the desk is the dresser with six drawers. Above the dresser is the 39-inch flat screen TV.

The thermostat is located on the common wall between the bathroom and sleeping area. It is approximately 50 inches above the floor. There are 3 buttons (horizontally) for the operation
Display (F/C) – lower temp – raise temp

There is also an electrical outlet below the thermostat approximately 15 inches above the floor.

Across from the closet is a small inset with a coffee/tea maker and on the shelf beneath is the ice bucket and glasses. Ice is available from the Ice Room on the second floor near the Pool/Fitness Center.

There is a double set of floor to ceiling curtains in the room. The curtains nearest the window are sheers and the inside curtains are blackout. Be sure the check the curtains when retiring for the night, as during the day when housekeeping refreshes the room, they will open the curtains.

The handset is wireless and the buttons are (from the top)

Valet – In Room Dining – Wake-up – Concierge – At Your Service

1 – 2 – 3 – Redial
4 – 5 – 6 – Locate (handset)
7 – 8 – 9 – Volume up
Star - 0 - Pound - Volume down
Mute – Speaker

TV Remote
Power (upper right)
Following are video controls
Room Control – up arrow - Information
Left Arrow – Select – Right Arrow
Back – Down Arrow – Exit

Back – Pause – Forward

(Normal Operations)

Volume – last – Channel
Volume – Mute – Channel

1 – 2 – 3
4 – 5 – 6
7 – 8 – 9
CC – 0 – Sleep

There is a pip on number 5 and sleep turns TV off after 5 minutes.

Bathroom (Tile Floor)
In the Single (King) rooms as you enter the bathroom, the shower will be located on the wall that is common to the hallway, with the vanity directly in front of you and the toilet next to the common wall for the sleeping area.
The shower has a glass door and short step over. There are two shower operation levels (in 6 o’clock position). The lower lever is water control and turns clockwise from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock. There level above operates clockwise (6 o’clock to 9 o’clock) side jet streams (located on either side of the lever) but the initial spray is much cooler that the overhead water temperature, but will match the temperature after about 10 seconds.

As you enter the bathroom, the toilet will be next to the common wall to the hallway and the tub will be next to the common wall with the sleeping area.
The tub has a bathmat on the edge and shower curtain. The water operation is a lever (6 o’clock) position above the spigot that turns clockwise (6 o’clock to 9 o’clock) and on top of the water spigot is a pull knob to activate the shower. There is a small basket at the corner below the shower for shampoos/soaps etc.

Extra Towels and toilet paper are located on a shelf below the vanity as well as a hair dryer. On the sidewall above the vanity is an electrical outlet. There is a small shelf on the vanity that has soap, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner.
The spigot in the vanity has a high arc and operated by two horizontal levers.

Toilet – has a standard flush mechanism on the side of the toilet near the sink. The toilet paper is on a vertical post rather than a horizontal bar. When housekeeping refreshes the room, the loose end of the toilet paper is tucked underneath the roll. On the wall opposite the toilet there is a hook for your towel when used.

Towel Policy
Help us support our planets well being by hanging your towel so they can be used again. Of course it is our pleasure to provide you with a new towel should you want them Simply leave your towel elsewhere and we will replace them freshly laundred.