The Westin Indianapolis Word Maps - Elevators

The elevators are located on the west side of the center lobby. There is a wall that separates the elevators from the lobby. As you enter the front door (going west) of the hotel, in the center lobby, there is a carpeted area with a round couch and table. Going around (perimeter of the carpet) to the left or right, you will come to the west wall. To access the elevator lobby go on either right or left (north or south) of the wall and turn west.
To access the elevator lobby from the hotel registration desk – as you leave the desk and enter the carpeted area, turn right (south) and proceed along the right (west) wall until there is an opening on your right. Turn right (west) and after a couple of steps, turn left (south) and you will enter the elevator lobby. Closed in area.
From the south (Starbucks), keeping on the left (west) wall, turn left (west) at the end of the wall and after a couple of steps, turn right (north) and you will enter the elevator lobby.

The elevator lobby (north/south orientation) has a tiled floor and there are 5 elevators, two on the west wall and three on the east wall. The call button is located between the two cars on the east wall.
As you enter the elevator, the control panel is on the right side, and approximately 36 inches is the ‘sensor’ that is activated by touching your room key before you select your floor.

The button pattern from top to bottom
13 – 14 – 15
10 – 11 – 12
7 – 8 – 9
4 – 5 – 6
1 (Lobby) – 2 – 3

Open Door - KEY Sensor – Close Door