Orlando Hilton Word Maps - The Lobby

The entrance to the hotel is a covered drive. As you exit the taxi/shuttle you should request assistance to the front door of the hotel, as there are no landmarks to distinguish location. The entrance to the building has two sets of automatic (motion activated) doors that open to the side. One either side of the revolving doors are standard doors.


The entrance to the lobby is from the west side. The hotel registration desk is on the east wall. Elevators are on the north wall and Spencer Restaurant is on the south wall. The central area of the hotel lobby has meet and greet seating areas. The Bell Captain station is on the north wall.

As you enter the lobby you are on the west side facing east. With the exception of meet and greet areas that are carpeted, the lobby is tile. On the opposite side of the lobby (east side) is the hotel registration desk that occupies most of the east wall. On the left (north) side of the lobby is (west to east [left to right]) is a small hallway (north) with restrooms, ATM, accessible entrance (ramp) to the Lobby Bar. Outside of the small hallway is the Bell Stand. Continuing east on your left (north) are two elevator lobbies. The first serves the Lobby (L), Lower Lobby (LL) and floor 12 – 19 (there is no 13th floor). Continuing east the next elevator lobby serves the Lobby (L), Lower Lobby (LL) and floors 3 – 11. [Elevators] At the east end of the north wall is a hallway that leads to meeting rooms (Boardrooms) that are not used for the AHEAD Conference activities. At the east end of the elevators, turn right (south) and you will be facing the end of the hotel registration desk.

On the south side of the lobby is Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops Restaurant. The entrance is in the southwest corner of the lobby. On the opposite end of the south wall, in the southeast corner of the lobby, to the right (south) of the hotel registration desk is the Grand Staircase (counter clockwise spiral going down) to the lower level.

The south wall between Spencer’s and the Grand Staircase is a meet and greet area (carpeted) with chairs and sofas and large planters.

Central lobby – traveling east from the front door is a straight path to the hotel registration desk approximately half way to the registration desk are meet and greet areas (carpeted) on both left and right sides. Additionally there are four by four foot columns that support the building that are located around the meet and greet areas.