2007 AHEAD Conference

Hey y’all welcome to Charlotte, the gateway of the New South! Get ready to wrap yourself in our Southern warmth and hospitality. We are proud to be hosting the 30th anniversary conference for AHEAD in a city known for its diversity. We can think of no better city than Charlotte to honor the conference theme: “. . .of Pride, Prejudice and Passion.”

Join us as we celebrate AHEAD’s 30th anniversary: “Crowning 30 Years of Commitment” at the Dressy Wine and Cheese Gala! Come and enjoy the live music at the grand opening of the Exhibit Hall and President’s Reception.

Stop by the “Y’all spoken here” information table to learn about local venues, places of interest, restaurants and shopping options. Make sure to pick up the hand-out “101 Charlotte things to do”. We hope you will enjoy visiting our museums and cultural centers, strolling the streets, seeing our growth and enjoying the natural beauty of the Carolinas.

Charlotte, North Carolina embraces and celebrates an ever-changing mosaic of cultures, faiths, and races. Individuals from all corners of the globe, metropolitan and remote, rugged and sublime, have chosen to make their home in the Queen City.

Black Enterprise recently named Charlotte one of the “Top 10 Cities for African-Americans to Live, Work and Play,” and Ladies Home Journal chose Charlotte as one of the top 20 cities for women. In 2003, Charlotte was honored to be named the “Most Livable Community for the Visually Impaired” by the American Foundation for the Blind. Growing Hispanic and Asian communities have also expanded awareness, business, and cultural opportunities within the booming city limits.

While its religious landscape remains largely Christian, new religious communities are becoming visible and vital in Charlotte. A large Hindu Temple, four Buddhist, and two Islamic centers are the most obvious witnesses to the influx of new immigrants. During the last 20 years, Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city, has remade itself from a textile town into an investment banking nexus and international portal, a distinction that continually increases the quality of life for all its citizens.

Charlotte’s culturally-enriched tapestry is a distinction that beckons visitors to return to the city year after year. Vibrant and robust, the cultural scene and innovative museums of the Queen City offer limitless possibilities as diverse as its people and lifestyles. Recognized as a leading cultural capital, Charlotte continues to build on its reputation as a world-class city through arts, science and historical attractions that draw nearly 2.9 million people in attendance annually.

In Charlotte and the Carolinas you will find limitless opportunities to take in sites and tours of cultural interest, vacation spots from the sandy beaches of the outer banks to the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Please visit: www.visitcharlotte.com http://www.visitcharlotte.com for detailed information about exciting ways to spend your “free-time” while in Charlotte, and visit: www.visitnc.com http://www.visitnc.com for full information on all the state has to offer. You may just find that you want to tack on a few days — or weeks — to your time here!

Thank you to AHEAD 2007’s Partner Member Corporate Sponsors