We have scheduled two informative poster sessions for the AHEAD 2009 Conference.
Attendees will have the opportunity to visit all poster presentations, so pre-selection
is not necessary. Below is a list of accepted poster presentations to date.


THURSDAY, JULY 23RD 9:00 AM-11:00 AM

Three-Dimensional Geometrical Models for Tactile Teaching Materials

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Tactile Globes: Earth, Mars, Venus, and Moon

Y. Teshima (AIST), T. Nakano (AIST), and A. Tanaka (AIST)

Enlarged Skelton Models of Plankton: Radiolarian and Foraminifera

Y. Teshima (AIST), and A. Matsuoka (Niigata Univ.)

Polyhedra and Mathematical Curved Surfaces

Y. Teshima (AIST), Y. Ikegami (AIST/RIKEN), Y. Watanabe (Teikyo Heisei Univ.),
K. Yamazawa (RIKEN), T. Kaneko (NISE), H. Nakagawa (craftsman in wood), and
T. Ogawa (Univ. of Tsukuba)

Crystallographic Teaching Materials: 2D and 3D Escher-like Tessellation

Y. Watanabe (Teikyo Heisei Univ.), Y. Ikegami (AIST/RIKEN), Y. Murakami (Teikyo
Heisei Univ), S. Nishio (Teikyo Heisei Univ.), K. Yamazawa(RIKEN), Y. Teshima

Tactile Puzzles

Y. Ikegami (AIST/RIKEN), Y. Watanabe (Teikyo Heisei Univ.), M. Suzuki (Kyushu
Univ.), and Y. Teshima (AIST)

Tactile Klein Bottle by Layered Manufacturing Method

K. Yamazawa (RIKEN), Y. Ikegami (AIST/RIKEN), Y. Teshima (AIST)

The Development of a Universal Design Tactile Graphics Production System and

M. Fujiyoshi (NCUEE)

Tactile Pictures: Application of Digital Data to Teaching Materials for the
Education of Blind Children

S. Oouchi (NISE),K. Yamazawa (RIKEN)


FRIDAY, JULY 24TH 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

Ensuring a Quality Education for Indiana’s Students with Disabilities:
Results from a DOE Grant

Larry Markle, Ball State University

Jacqueline Harris, Ball State University

Taiping Ho, Ball State University

Roger Wessel, Ball State University

Learning Disabled Student’s High School to College Transition:
Accommodations, Knowledge, and Barriers

Emma Cole, The University of Texas at Austin

Stephanie Cawthon, The university of Texas at Austin

Disability + Relevant Design: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between Students
with and without Disabilities

Susann Heft Sears, University of Illinois

Deana McDonagh, University of Illinois

Lydia Khuri, University of Illinois

Postsecondary Inclusion Project: Supporting Valued Social Roles in Kentucky

Jeff Bradford, University of Kentucky

Bev Harp, University of Kentucky

Educational Supports in Higher Education: A Perspective from Institutions,
Faculty, and Students

Aile Montoya, University of Florida

A Comparison of Students With and Without Disabilities on the 2006 NSSE

Brad Hedrick, University of Illinois

Tom Thompson, Harper College

Sue Ouellette, Northern Illinois University

UDL in Online Professional Development for Faculty

Sarah Bryans Bongey, The College of St. Scholastica

The Social Validation of Institutional Indicators Designed to Promote Institutional
Web Accessibility

Heather Mariger, Utah State University

College Students with Learning Disabilities’ Voices: Understanding
Learning Identity Development

Daniela Pacheva, Douglas College

Marion Porath, University of British Columbia