Brown Bag Information Sessions

Brown Bag Information Sessions
Wednesday, July 22nd 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm

#IS1 AmeriCorps: Get Involved, Give Back, Gain Skills, Earn an Ed
Award and Obtain a Living Allowance!
Paula Sotnik, National Service Inclusion Project, ICI
Lanny Taulbee, KY Commission on Community Volunteerism

#IS2 Opening a World of Opportunity by Providing Remote Captioning
(Text) Services
Emily Singer, The Catholic University of America
Phil Hyssong, Alternative Communication Services, LLC

IS2 Providing Remote Captioning Power Point.pdf

IS2 Providing Remote Captioning Text Only.pdf.rtf

#IS3 The Dolphin Altformat Toolkit: The Complete Altformat Creation
Solution that Offers Providers the Choice of Accessibility
Steve Bennett, Dolphin Computer Access
Jeff Brazer, Dolphin Computer Access

#IS4 The Ticket to Work Program: Get Paid for Helping Social Security
Beneficiaries with Disabilities Achieve Their Employment
Leslie Barrett, CESSI, Ticket to Work
Nicole Harrison, CESSI, Ticket to Work

IS4 Powerpoint Ticket to Work.pdf

IS4 Powerpoint Text Ticket to Work.rtf

#IS5 Writing for the AHEAD Journal of Postsecondary Education and
James Martin, University of Oklahoma, JPED Executive Editor

#IS6 Current Activities of the National Joint Committee on Learning
Lydia Block, Ohio WesleyanUuniversity
Peggy Hayeslip, Johns Hopkins University
Christy Lendman, RFB&D

IS 6 Handout.rtf