We have scheduled two informative poster sessions for the 2010 Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit all poster presentations, so pre-selection is not necessary. Below is a list of accepted poster presentations to date.

Accessible Computing Courses Lead to High-Tech Careers for Students with Disabilities

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Cultivating Student Success through a Hybrid Approach: UDL and Student Self-Advocacy

Catherine Schelly, Colorado State University

DO-IT Prof and DO-IT Admin: Training Faculty and Student Services Staff

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Exploring Career Opportunities: An Academic Course for Students with Disabilities

Aggie Niemiec, Illinois Institute of Technology

Terra Cusack, Montana State University

Interagency Collaboration: An Innovative Approach to Transition for High School Students

Danielle Lewis, University of South Carolina Upstate

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen: Reflections of College Students with Learning Disabilities After Use of this Assistive Technology

Emily Johnson, East Carolina University

Sarah Williams, East Carolina University

Christine Bouck, East Carolina University

Questions of High School Students with Learning Disabilities About College

Christine Bouck, East Carolina University

Emily Johnson, East Carolina University

Sarah Williams, East Carolina University

SciTrainU: An Introduction to Online Resources for Universal Design for Learning for STEM Faculty

Katherine Mancuso, Georgia Tech CATEA

The Current Condition of Private University Grants to Disabled Students in Japan

Yoshinori Tanaka, Aichi Prefecture University/Nagoya Technical Aid Plaza

The Disability Training Network

Dalun Zhang, Texas A&M University

Anne Reber, Texas A&M University

Leena Landmark, Texas A&M University

Song Ju, Texas A&M University

THINK COLLEGE: Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Cate Weir, Institute for Community Inclusion,

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Debra Hart, Institute for Community Inclusion,

University of Massachusetts, Boston

UD ITEACH - Universal Design Infusion of Technology and Evaluation for Accessible Campuses of Higher Education

Roger Smith, R2D2 Center, University Of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Dave Edyburn, University Of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Aura Hirschman, R2D2 Center, University Of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


PEPNet Training - An Overview of Speech-to-Text Services

Jennie Bourgeois, PEPNet-South / Louisiana State University

Cindy Camp, PEPNet-South / Jacksonville State University

Captioning for Mobile Learning Situations to Support Students with Disabilities in STEM

Pamela Francis, Rochester Institute of Technology

Lisa Elliot, Rochester Institute of Technology

Planning an NSF Resource Center for Advancing Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students in Technological Careers

Myra Pelz, Rochester Institute of Technology

Gary Long, Rochester Institute of Technology

Ronald Till, Rochester Institute of Technology

Donna Lange, Rochester Institute of Technology

Speech Recognition Technology for Captioning and CART - Caption Mic

Mark Hall, MHSA

Blind/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Post-Secondary Learners:

Their Experiences

Deena Martin, City University of Seattle

Speech-to-Text Services: Not Just for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Anymore

Chanel Carlascio, Strada Communication, Inc.

Knitting It Together: Collaboration between Community Based Programs and Postsecondary Institutions

Heidi Adams, PEPNet at Center for Sight & Hearing

Ann Gronlund, PEPNet at Center for Sight & Hearing

US Department of Education Demonstration Projects

Access to Quality Higher Education: A Demonstration Project

Courtney Vierstra, Kent State University

Phillip Rumrill, Kent State University

AccessCollege: Systemic Change for Postsecondary Institutions

Lyla Crawford, DO-IT, University of Washington

Access Your Teaching/Learning Potential: Universal Design for Learning, Multiculturalism, and Mentoring

Steven Brown, Center on Disability Studies

Kelly Roberts, Center on Disability Studies

Robert Stodden, Center on Disability Studies

Accommodation Solutions Online: A Just-In-Time Resource for Faculty, Students and Service Providers

Christy Horn, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jeremy Sydik, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Achieving College Success Now - Enhancing Success Through Transition and Universal Design

Laraine Demshock, Northampton Community College

Kathi Jo Weinert, Northampton Community College

Demonstration-Disabilities Best Practices Professional Development Grant Project Overview

Alicia Brandon, Landmark College Institute for Research

Enabling Faculty Members to Effectively Mentor and Teach Students with Disabilities

Larry Markle, Ball State University

Jacqueline Harris, Ball State University

Roger Wessel, Ball State University

Taiping Ho, Ball State University

Enhancing Higher Education for ALL at Temple University

David Mitchell, Temple University Institute on Disabilities

Ann Keefer, Temple University Institute on Disabilities

Brian Zimmerman, Temple University Institute on Disabilities

Project LINC: Identifying Inclusive Instructional Strategies in Foreign Language Courses

Diana Shores, Longwood University

Sally Scott, University of Mary Washington

Wade Edwards, Longwood University

Sue Hildebrandt, Illinois State University

Project ShIFT: Shaping Inclusion Through Foundational Transformation of DS Office Staff

Bob Choquette, Lane Community College

UDI On-Line: Applying Universal Design for Instruction to Online and Blended Courses

Joseph Madaus, University of Connecticut

Manju Banerjee, University of Connecticut

Kim McKeown, University of Connecticut

Universal Access: Creating Accessible Higher Education Opportunities

James Stachowiak, ICATER - University of Iowa

Noel Estrada-Herenandez, University of Iowa

Thomas Shaff, ICATER - University of Iowa

Universal Design for Learning: Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technology

Emiliano Ayala, Sonoma State University

Universal Design: Enhancing Quality Instruction for Students with Disabilities

Glorimar Colon, University of Texas Pan American

Alisha Freeman, University of Texas Pan American

Maria Morin, University of Texas Pan American