AHEAD E-Text Solutions Group Charter

AHEAD Board of Directors
Approved March, 2007


The E-text Solutions Group has been created on the behalf of the Board and the membership of the Association on Higher Education and Disability.  It is committed to finding solutions to the alternative format and e-text challenges currently being experienced by post-secondary educational institutions in meeting their obligations to assure full and equitable access to books and other print media for the membership of their Community’s with print disabilities.
The Group primary focus is on effective communication and information dissemination within post-secondary education so that individuals with print disabilities are assured of their ability to be full participants in the postsecondary educational process.
Specifically, the Board has asked the Group to prioritize and engage in:

  • Develop best practices in policies and procedures for the provision of digital and curricular related accommodations in the postsecondary environment.
  • Build awareness and understanding in the AHEAD membership concerning the issues surrounding the legal and philosophical conversion of curricular materials.
  • Collaborate in the development of best practices in the creation of materials from standard text.
  • Train AHEAD members in the creation of digital alternative format materials.
  • Develop a support mechanism to address questions that arise in the implementation of creating text and the provision of accommodations to individuals with print related disabilities.
  • Network and collaborate with the publisher industry and other stakeholder groups to work towards national solution to ensure appropriate and timely access to curricular materials for print disabled students

Operating Principals:

The E-Text Solutions Group operates as a consensus based group striving to represent the collective knowledge and diverse perspectives of its membership.  In this capacity the AHEAD Board of Directors does not empower the Group to be a policy setting body but will rely on the expertise and experience of the AHEAD members of the Group for advice and counsel in its own deliberations. 
It will be understood that in the advent that a consensus based position cannot be developed by the Group that both the majority and minority opinions will be presented for the Boards consideration.
In this capacity the group is empowered by the Board to take those actions necessary to achieve its stated charge with the following limitations:

  • The E-Text Solutions Group and/or its members do not publicly speak for the Association
  • The E-Text Solutions Group and/or its members do not create policy for the Association
  • The E-Text Solutions Group and/or its members do not endorse specific products or vendors on behalf of the Association
  • The E-Text Solutions Group and/or its members may not commit resources beyond those budgeted to it by the Board without specific approval from the Executive Director or Board

Liaison to the Board:

To ensure effective support and two-way communication, a Board Liaison is appointed for each group/individual who is working on behalf of AHEAD.  Board Liaisons are President-appointed and reviewed/up-dated annually.
The E-Text Solutions Group can expect its Board Liaison to:

  • Provide communication with the Board.  At a minimum, the Liaison will be in touch with the Chair of the Group a month prior to each AHEAD Board meeting (Fall, Spring and Summer)
  • Be attentive to issues that may arise for the Group that require Board action