Q 1: What are the criteria for membership?

Membership is open to all AHEAD members. Please feel free to join us during national AHEAD for all REDD SIG events. You can also connect with REDD SIG by joining our listserv.

Q 2: How can I contribute to REDD SIG?

Members can contribute to REDD SIG by:

  • Running for a REDD SIG office.
  • Presenting during local or national conferences
  • Writing articles for The HUB
  • Locating/coordinating cultural activities within cities that host AHEAD conferences

Q 3: How does this SIG support AHEAD’s Mission?

AHEAD exists to provide a membership organization that supports individuals in developing policies and quality services to meet the needs of persons with disabilities involved in higher education.

REDD SIG supports AHEAD’s mission by increasing member awareness of the diverse needs of individuals from historically underrepresented groups. In doing so, REDD SIG aims to contribute to the development of inclusive policies and services.