Poster Sessions I

Access to Quality Higher Education: A Demonstration Project

PS1_Access to Quality Higher Ed Powerpoint.pdf

AccessCollege: Systemic Change for Postsecondary Institutions

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PS1_AccessCollege Handout 2.pdf

PS1_AccessCollege Powerpoint Text.rtf

PS1_AccessCollege Powerpoint.pdf

Accommodation Solutions Online: A Just-In-Time Resource for Faculty, Students and Service Providers

PS1_Accommodation Solutions Online Poster.pdf

Achieving College Success Now - Enhacing Success Through Transition and Universal Design

PS1_Achieving College Success_Handout.rtf

PS1_Achieving College Success_Poster.pdf

Beyond Inclusion: Disability As Diversity in Curriculum Reform

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Demonstration-Disabilities Best Practices Professional Development Grant Project Overview

PS1_Demonstration-Disabilities Handout 1.rtf

Enabling Faculty Members to Effectively Mentor and Teach Students with Disabilities

PS1_Enabling Faculty Members Poster.pdf

Enhancing Higher Education for ALL at Temple University

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Project LINC: Identifying Inclusive Instructional Strategies in Foreign language Courses

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PS1_Project LINC Handout 2.pdf

PS1_Project LINC Poster.pdf

Project ShIFT: Shaping Inclusion Through Foundational Transformation of DS of Staff

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SciTrainU: An Introduction to Online Resources for Universal Design for Learning for STEM Faculty

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UDI On-line: Applying Universal Design for Instruction to Online and Blended Courses

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Universal Access: Creating Accessible Higher Education Opportunities

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Universal Design: Enhancing Quality Instruction for Students with Disabilities

PS1_Universal Design-Enhancing Quality Instruction Poster.pdf

Universal Design for Learning: Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technolgy

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