Concurrent Sessions: Block 5

Thursday July 14, 2011

4:30 pm-5:30 pm

#5.1 Optimizing Resources for Improved Braille Production – Part II: Graphics Embossers and Software

Lucia Hasty, Tactile Graphics Production Specialist

AHEAD 2011 5.1 OptimizingResourcesBraille Part II Tactile Graphics

#5.2 Student Diversity within Disability Services Office - Issues and Best Practices in Promoting Diversity

Elda Zeko-Underwood, Quinsigamond Community College

Minority students with disabilities

Minority students with disabilities

#5.3 Project Access: A Project Investigating Global Disability Access and Culture

Michelle Rigler, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Leslie Harms, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

#5.4 DOJ's 2011 Regulations: What You Need to Know and How to Prepare - Part III – Are You There Yet? Deadlines and Duties under DOJ's 2010 ADA Rules

Irene Bowen, ADA One, LLC

James Bostrom, US Department of Justice

Scott Lissner, The Ohio State University

John Catlin, LCM Architects, LLC




5.4 Concurrent

#5.5 Sustaining Our Mission: Training and Developing the Next Generation of DS Professionals

Krysten Donnay, University of Minnesota

Mary Grace Hyland, University of Minnesota

Betty Benson, University of Minnesota

AHEAD 201 5.5 New Staff Trainings

AHEAD 2011 5.5 Appointment Notes

AHEAD 2011 5.5 Appointment Notes

AHEAD 2011 5.5 Intake Checklist

AHEAD 2011 5.5 Intake Checklist

AHEAD 2011 5.5 New Staff Orientation Checklist

AHEAD 2011 5.5 New Staff Orientation Checklist

AHEAD 2011 5.5 New Staff Set Up

AHEAD 2011 5.5 New Staff Set Up

AHEAD 2011 5.5 New Staff Trainings

AHEAD2011 5.5 AccessiblePP

AHEAD2011 5.5

#5.6 Promoting Disability and Social Justice: Campus Initiative That Inspire Social Change

Cynthia Fuller, University of Minnesota

Linda Wolford, University of Minnesota

Kristen Langer, University of Minnesota

Promoting Disability %26 Social Justice-Outline

Promoting Disability & Social Justice

#5.7 Partnering with Faculty to Infuse Disability Studies into the General Curriculum

Kimberly Tanner, Valdosta State University

Katheryne Staeger-Wilson, Missouri State University

AHEAD 2011 5.7 Partnering with Faculty-AHEAD 2011-draft

AHEAD 2011 5.7 Presentation in word

#5.8 Supporting the Educational Experience of Students with Aspergers Syndrome through Online and Video Conferencing

Lisa King, St. Catherine University/College Autism Spectrum

Jane Thierfeld Brown, University of Connecticut School of Law

#5.9 Partnering for Success in Colleges/Universities: A Grass Roots Approach to Infusing UDL

Mari Guillermo, San Diego State University

Bobbie J. Atkins, San Diego State University 



#5.10 The AccessText Network: Publishers and DSS Collaborating to Improve College Textbook Accessibility

Christopher Lee, The AccessText Network/Georgia Tech, Moderator 

#5.11 Voice to Text - Successes and Challenges: A Fun Exploration

Philip Hyssong, Alternative Communication Services, LLC

5.11 AHEAD_Voice-to-Text_Services-Success_and_Challenges_2011

5.11 Voice to Text PPT Outline Format

#5.12 How to Build Collaborative Working Groups to Help with ADAAA Accommodations

Ruben Robles, University of Redlands

Amy Wilms, University of Redlands

Building Collaborative Working Groups - AHEAD 2011