JPED Volume 25 - Issue 3: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 25, 2012 Issue 3: Table of Contents

  •  From the Guest Editors 
    by Elizabeth G. Harrison, Christopher S. Lanterman

     Designing for Success: Developing Engineers Who Consider Universal Design Principles
    by Kimberly Edginton Bigelow

     Cognitive Diversity and the Design of Classroom Tests for All Learners 
    by Erin Shinn, Nicole S. Ofiesh

    “Infusing JUST Design in Campus Recreation”
    by Katheryne Staeger-Wilson, Douglas H. Sampson

    “Project LINC: Supporting Lecturers and Adjunct Instructors in Foreign Language Classrooms"
    by Sally S. Scott, Wade Edwards

    “Community Collaboration, Use of Universal Design in the Classroom"
    by Rachel E. Smith, Tara Buchannan

    by Teresa L. W. Haven, Suki Kwon

    by Graham Pullin