JPED Volume 26 - Issue 1: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 26, 2013 Issue 1: Table of Contents

 From the Editor
by David R. Parker

 The Forgotten: Formal Assessment of the Adult Writer
by Daniel J. McNair , Toi L. Curry

 Identifying College Students At Risk for Learning Disabilities: Evidence for Use of the Learning Difficulties Assessment in Postsecondary Settings 
by Steven T. Kane, Soma Roy, Steffanie Medina

 College Student Disclosure of Non-Apparent Disabilities to Receive Classroom Accommodations
by Derrick Kranke, Sarah E. Jackson, Debbie A. Taylor, Eileen Anderson-Fye, Jerry Floersch

 Financial Barriers for Students with Non-apparent Disabilities within Canadian Postsecondary Education
by Tony Chambers, Melissa Bolton, Mahadeo A. Sukhai

 Assessing the Impact of ADHD Coaching Services on University Students’ Learning Skills, Self-Regulation, and Well-Being 
by Sharon Field, David R. Parker, Shlomo Sawilowsky, Laura Rolands

“b-Learning in a Distance Learning Graduate Program for Deaf Students”
by José Reis Lagarto, Ana Mineiro, Joana Pereira

“Assessing Compensatory Strategies and Motivational Factors in High-Achieving Postsecondary Students with ADHD ”
by Gary Schaffer,

 Book Review
by Jack Trammell