JPED Volume 30 - Issue 2: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 30, 2017 Issue 2: Table of Contents

  • A Taxonomy for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: From the Editor
    Roger D. Wessel
  • PASSing College: A Taxonomy for Students with Disabilities in Postsecondary Education
    Lyman L. Dukes III
    Joseph W. Madaus
    Michael Faggella-Luby
    Alison Lombardi
    Nicholas Gelbar
  • The Effects of Professional Development on Universal Design for Instruction on Faculty Perception and Practice
    Hye Jin Park
    Kelly Roberts
    Danielle Delise
  • Accommodations and Support Services for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): A National Survey of Disability Resource Providers
    Kirsten R. Brown
  • Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges: Understanding How a Student Organization Attends to the Social Integration of College Students with Disabilities
    Christa S. Bialka
    Danielle Morro
    Kara Brown
    Gregory Hannah
  • Differences Between Students With and Without Disabilities in College Counseling
    Lindsay C. Varkula
    James D. Beauchemin
    Sandra D. Facemire
    Emily C. Bucher
  • Double Time? Examining Extended Testing Time Accommodations (ETTA) in Postsecondary Settings
  • Laura Sokal
    Laurie Anne Vermette
  • Promoting Positive Transition Outcomes: Effective Planning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Young Adults (Book Review)
    Bentley Fink