JPED Volume 30 - Issue 4: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 30, 2017 Issue 4: Table of Contents

  • A Commitment to Publish Scholarly Literature: From the Editor 
    Roger D. Wessel
  • Student Voices: Recommendations for Improving Postsecondary Experiences of Students with Disabilities
    Allison R. Fleming
    Kathleen Marie Oertle
    Anthony J. Plotner
  • Cognitive Flexibility and Its Relationship to Academic Achievement and Career Choice of College Students with and Without Attention Deficit Disorder
    Suneeta Kercood
    Tara T. Lineweaver
    Colleen C. Frank
    Erik D. Fromm
  • Measuring Self-Advocacy Skills Among Student Veterans with Disabilities: Implications for Success in Postsecondary Education
    Adam R. Kinney
    Aaron M. Eakman
  • "Smiling and Ready to Learn:" A Qualitative Exploration of University Audit Classroom Instructors' Experience with Students with Intellectual Disabilities
    Emma C. Burgin
    Amanda C. DeDiego
    Melinda M. Gibbons
    David F. Cihak
  • College Students Who Have ASD: Factors Related to First Year Performance
    Solvegi Shmulsky
    Ken Gobbo
    Andy T. Donahue
    Manju Banerjee
  • Faculty Mentorship Program for Students with Disabilities: Academic Success Outcomes (Practice Brief)
    Larry Markle
    Roger D. Wessel
    Jennifer Desmond
  • Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Approach (Book Review)
    Christopher Stone