JPED Volume 32 - Issue 2: Table of Contents

From the Editor                                                                                                            

Roger D. Wessel

Misophonia: Awareness and Responsiveness Among Academics                       

Connie K. Porcaro

Emon Alavi

Thomas Gollery

Ali A. Danesh

College Students and Multiple Sclerosis: Navigating the College Experience    

Holly Hoffman

Cheryl Geisthardt

Holly Sucharski

A Qualitative Examination of College Disability Services for Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Susan C. Davies

Michael Crenshaw

Elana R. Bernstein

Experience of Students with Physical Disabilities in a Summer Internship Program

Claire DiYenno

Thalia Mulvihill

Roger D. Wessel

Larry Markle

Comparing Employment Outcomes of Young Adults with Autism: Does Postsecondary Educational Experience Matter?

Holly N. Whittenburg

Robert E. Cimera

Colleen A. Thoma

Extent of Student-College Matching for Students Enrolled in Special Education Services

Ryan P. Hudes

Katherine C. Aquino

An Academic Consultation Model for College Students with Disabilities (Practice Brief)

Amy Lynn Button

Jessica Iwachiw

Jana G. Atlas

Expanding Disability Awareness in Undergraduate Education Through an Online Course (Practice Brief)

Carlyn Mueller

Cap Peck

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