JPED Volume 32 - Issue 4: Table of Contents

From the Editor                                                                                                                  

Roger D. Wessel


Predictors Associated with College Attendance and Persistence Among Students with Visual Impairment

Lydia Schuck

Robert Wall-Emerson

Dae Shik Kim

Nickola Nelson


Self-Determination of College Students with Learning and Attention Challenges      

I-Chen Wu

Rudy M. Molina, Jr.


First-Year College Students with ADHD: Risk for and Correlates of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Chelsea Z. Busch

George J. DuPaul

Arthur D. Anastopoulos

Melanie K. Franklin

Aliza R. Jaffe

Kristen F. Stack

Lisa L. Weyandt


Identifying Challenges and Benefits of Online Education for Students with a Psychiatric Disability

Ann Murphy

Derek Malenczak

Mina Ghajar


"It's All in Your Head:" Students with Psychiatric Disability Navigating the University Environment

Suanne Kain

Christina Chin-Newman

Sara Smith


A Review of the Literature on Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disability 2010-2016: Examining the Influence of Federal Funding and Alignment with Research in Disability and Postsecondary Education

Clare K. Papay

Meg Grigal


Building a Fluent Assistive Technology Testing Pool to Improve Campus Digital Accessibility (Practice Brief)

Kyle Shachmut

Amy Deschenes


Supporting Inclusive Teaching Through Student Observations (Practice Brief)

Stephanie W. Cawthon

Savannah Davidson

Sara Schley


Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education (Book Review)

Amy Lomellini