JPED Volume 33 - Issue 1: Table of Contents

From the Editor
Roger D. Wessel

Quantifying Difficulties of University Students with Disabilities                                           
Alan Safer
Lesley Farmer
Brian Song

University Student Experiences of Disability and the Influence of Stigma on Institutional Non-Disclosure and Learning
Susan Grimes
Erica Southgate
Jill Scevak
Rachel Buchanan

Perspectives on Person-First Language: A Focus on College Students
Holly Hoffman
Marie Hengesbach
Shana Trotter

Disability as Diversity: Perspectives of Institutions of Higher Education in the U.S.  
Andrew Scheef
Cyndi Caniglia
Brenda L. Barrio

Inclusive Postsecondary Education Programs of Study for Students with  Intellectual Disability
Kathleen Becht
L. Danielle Roberts-Dahm
Adam Meyer
Denise Giarrusso
Ethel Still-Richardson

Enhancing Transition Programming for College Students with Autism:  A Systematic Literature Review
Brett Ranon Nachman

Supporting Students with ASD on Campus: What Students May Need to be  Successful (Practice Brief)
Tara Rowe
Tyler Charles
Henry DuBose

Audio Description as a Collaborative and Reflexive Tool (Practice Brief)             
Elizabeth A. Thomson

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