JPED Volume 35 - Issue 2: Table of Contents

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Ezekiel Kimball
Ryan Wells

Perceptions of College Students with Disabilities Regarding Institutional and Disability Services Offices' Response to Sustaining Education During COVID-19

Emily Tarconish
Ashley Taconet
Joseph W. Madaus
Nicholas Gelbar
Lyman Dukes, III
Michael Faggella-Luby

From Orientation to Graduation: Predictors of Academic Success for Freshman with ADHD 

Molly S. Daffner
George J. DuPaul
Arthur D. Anastopoulos
Lisa L. Weyandt

Academic Impairments Faced by College Students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Qualitative Study

Jeanne Lagacé-Leblanc
Line Massé
Nadia Rousseau

"It's Bigger Than Me:" Influence of Social Support on the Development of Self-Advocacy for College Students with Disabilities

Kristopher Hawk Yeager
Gabriela Alejandra Gandara
Cecilia Martinez

Examining Physical Accessibility of Campuses for University Students with Mobility Impairments in China

Kai Yung (Brian) Tam
Mei Zhao
Randy L. Seevers
Yuan Liu
Lyndal M. Bullock

"They're Coming in Pretty Defeated:" Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Practice Brief)

Katherine C. Aq

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