JPED Volume 9 - Issue 1 & 2: Table of Contents

JPED Volume 9, 1991 Issue 1 & 2: Table of Contents

 An Issue on Issues: Service Delivery for Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities
by Joan M. McGuire, Stan F. Shaw

 Establishing Learning Disability Support Services with Minimal Resources
by Loring C. Brinckerhoff

 Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities in Postsecondary Institutions
by Patricia M. Carlton, Donnadene Walkenshaw

 The Transition of Students with Learning Disabilities: A Case Study
by Sheryl Evelo, Lynda Price

 Social Competence and Work Success of College Students with Learning Disabilities
by Stephen Greenspan, Helen Apthorp, Patricia Williams

 From the Field: Insights on Issues
edited by Joan M McGuire
contributors: Pamela Adelman, Lydia Block, Anna Gajar, Susan Krasnow, Nancy Oliker, Ernest Rose, Sally Scott, Arlene Stewart, Patricia Tomlan

 Resources Addressing Current Issues in Postsecondary LD: An Annotated Bibliography
by Joseph Patrick Cullen