Table of Contents for JPED, Volume 26, No 4

From the Guest Editors
by Colleen A. Thoma, Dawn Carlson

Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disability (ID): Complex Layers
by Colleen A. Thoma

Understanding the Diversity: A Taxonomy for Postsecondary Education Programs and Services for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
by Mary A. McEathron, Trisha Beuhring, Amelia Maynard, Ann Mavis

Impact of Inclusive College Programs Serving Students with Intellectual Disabilities on Disability Studies Interns and Typically Enrolled Students
by Margaret Vreeburg Izzo, Amy Shuman

Postsecondary Education Employment and Independent Living Outcomes of Persons with Autism and Intellectual Disability
by Jeffrey Ross, Dawn Carlson, Jamia Marcell, Paula Williams

Promoting Academic Engagement for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
by Barbara McKeon, Carol S. Alpern, Dianne Zager

Rethinking Social Network Assessment for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in Postsecondary Education
by Laura T. Eisenman, Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, Mary Culnane, Brian Freedman

“Assessing the Impact of Inclusive Postsecondary Education Using the Think College Standards”
by Kathleen Bodisch Lynch, Elizabeth Evans Getzel

“Florida College Collaborative: Facilitating Inclusive Postsecondary Education Opportunities for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities”
by Tammy Jorgensen Smith, Nila Benito