Career-related Presentations from recent Annual Conferences

Career-Related Resources from AHEAD Annual Conferences

2016 AHEAD Conference

1.8 The Answers Aren't in the Back of the Book or in the Computer
Pamela Butler, Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity National Security Agency

1.11 Building Pathways to Careers for Students with Disabilities
Curtis Richards, Institute for Educational Leadership
William Myhill, Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University
Rhonda Basha, Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor
Melissa VanDyke, Pellissippi State Community College

2.9 Using Technology and Case Management to Improve Outcomes of Students with TBI
Anne Leopold, JBS International
Callista Stauffer, Kent State University
Karen Stewart, Kent State University
5.8 Collaborating with Career Services
Tracey Forman, Texas A&M University

2015 AHEAD Conference

3.8 Bridges from College to Career for Students on the Spectrum
Lisa King–St. Katherine University
Jane Thierfeld Brown–University School of Law

5.10 Internships, Co-ops and Clinic Accommodations
Jane Thierfeld Brown–University of Connecticut, School of Law
Karen DeMeola–University of Connecticut, School of Law
Jennifer Cerny–University of Connecticut, School of Law

8.8 The Answers Aren’t in the Back of the Book or in the Computer
Pamela Butler–National Security Agency

2014 AHEAD Conference

1.10 Improving Access to STEM Education and Employment for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students
Donna Lange–Rochester Institute of Technology
Myra Pelz–Rochester Institute of Technology
Gary Long–Rochester Institute of Technology

6.8 Transitioning from College to Career for Students on the Spectrum. Or: “You mean I have to graduate? I was just getting good at college!”
Lisa King–St. Catherine University; College Autism Spectrum
Jane Thierfeld Brown–UConn Law School; College Autism Spectrum

2013 AHEAD Conference

4.5 Putting the Pieces Together: Disability, Employment, and Independence
Lisa Meeks – Case Western Reserve University
Garrett Westlake – Arizona State University

8.8 Student Meets Employer: A Framework for Engaging Employers and Disclosing a Disability
Jeanette Richards – San Diego State University
Sara Mahoney – US Department of Labor, ODEP
Veronica Porter – Northeastern University
Marci Shaffer – Northeastern University

2012 AHEAD Conference

2.5 Strategies for Preparing a Well-Rounded and Self-Assured Job Seeker
Laura Cutway, Georgetown University
Sara Mahoney, Department of Labor, Disability Employment Policy
Veronica Porter, Northeastern University

3.10 Partnerships for Ongoing Transition: Kentucky’s Supported Higher Education Project
Elizabeth Harrison, University of Kentucky
Wendy Willeroy, University of Kentucky

5.5 Bridging the Disconnect Between Disability and Career Offices to Improve Employment Outcomes
Howard Green, National Organization on Disability
Kara Leonard, Rochester Institute of Technology
Marilyn Mackes, National Association of Colleges and Employers-NACE
Cherri Pinkerton, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

2011 AHEAD Conference

7.4 Increasing Federal Employment of Individuals with Disabilities
Starvis Smith, US IRS Recruitment Office

8.7 Access to Employment: The Wrap Around Experiential Education Model for Success
Veronica Porter, Northeastern University
Diane Ciarletta, Northeastern University
Marci Shaffer, Northeastern University

2010 AHEAD Conference

1.6 Transitioning Students with Learning Disabilities into the World of Work
Gretchen Walsh, Notre Dame College
Marcie Anne Estepp, Notre Dame College
Shane Duncan, Notre Dame College

2.6 The Economy and College Graduates with Disabilities: Access and Transition
Veronica Porter, Northeastern University

3.6 Simmer and Serve: An Easy Recipe for Student Success and Career Development
Brittany Burnett, Maryland Department of Disabilities
Jade Gingerich, Maryland Department of Disabilities

4.6 National Service Programs: The Next Step for Students with Disabilities in Preparing for Employment
Sheila Fesko, Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Gayann Brandenburg, CTAT Denver Options

5.6 Providing Effective Career Guidance for Federal Employment and AmeriCorps Service Opportunities
Kathy McCreedy, DiverseAbility LLC
Cathy McAdam, M. Catherine McAdam ACSW LLC
Paula Sotnik, National Service Inclusion Project
Star Smith, US Internal Revenue Service

6.6 College Students and Graduates with Psychiatric Disabilities: Career Development and Employment Transition
Sarah Helm, The University of Tennessee

7.6 Taking it to the Next Level: Advancing Awareness and Equity of Medical Trainees with Invisible Disabilities
Barbara Blacklock, University of Minnesota

9.6 Disability as Diversity in Employment: Hear from a Panel of Employers
Alan Muir, Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

2009 AHEAD Conference

#4.9 Bachelor Level College Graduates with Disabilities in the American Labor Market
Ruth Bork, Northeastern University
Veronica Porter, Northeastern University

#5.9 A Webcast Series to Preapare Secondary School Students with Disabilities for STEM College and Careers
Clark Shingledecker, Wright State University
Jeffrey Vernooy, Wright State University

#7.9 Symposium: Successful Career Paths that Span the Globe

Paving the Career Employment Transition Path: Making the Commitment to Maximize Success
Alan Muir, Career Opps for Students w/ Disabilities
Sarah Helm, The University of Tennessee

Preparing Students with Disabilities for Careers in a Globalized World
Avraham Rabby, Consultant on employment of people with disabilities

Strategies and Resources to Support Students with Career Goals in Global Corporations
Kathy McCreedy, DiverseAbility LLC

#8.7 Working Able Mentoring: Working with Leading Employers in Ireland to place Graduates with Disabilities in Work Internships
Ann Heelan, AHEAD Ireland

#9.7 Facilitating Successful Transitions into STEM Fields for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities
Kimberly Collins, University of Illinois

#9.9 Supporting Teacher Trainees with Learning Disabilities or ADHD in Transition from College to Work
Brenda Liptz, David Yellin College of Education

#IS1 AmeriCorps: Get Involved, Give Back, Gain Skills, Earn an Ed Award and Obtain a Living Allowance!
Paula Sotnik, National Service Inclusion Project, ICI
Lanny Taulbee, KY Commission on Community Volunteerism

#IS4 The Ticket to Work Program: Get Paid for Helping Social Security Beneficiaries with Disabilities Achieve Their Employment
Leslie Barrett, CESSI, Ticket to Work
Nicole Harrison, CESSI, Ticket to Work

2008 AHEAD Conference

Session Number: 2.6
Title: Community Colleges: Connecting Students to Careers?

Session Number: 3.6
Title: Job Search Strategies for a Smooth Transition from School to Work

Session Number: 4.5
Title: Go to the Head of the Class: A Panel Discussion on the Challenges Facing Students with Disabilities in their Chosen Career of Teaching

Session Number: 4.6
Title: Community Collaborations + Demonstrated Supportive Program = Successful Postsecondary Transition: Learn and Earn

Session Number: 5.4
Title: Career Planning and Placement: Personal Development and Decision Making Skills for Students with Disabilities

Session Number: 8.6
Title: Transition from Postsecondary Education to the Labor Market: A Review of Current Research

Session Number: 9.5
Title: College Students and Graduates with Disabilities in the American labor Market

Session Number: PS1
Title: Entry Point: 12 years of successful internships and career launches equals solid recommendations to help students

2007 AHEAD Conference

#1.2 Self-Disclosure or Concealment? A Dilemma among Minority College Students with Disabilities
Rosezelia Roy, Virginia State University
Evelyn Whitehead, Virginia State University

#1.7 Making Career Decisions after Brain Injury: Women’s Experiences
Maria Iaquinta, Douglas College

#2.9 Preparing Students with Disabilities for Access in the World of Work: A Look at Current Research and Best Practices
Larry Markle, Ball State University
Veronica Porter, Northeastern University

#5.6 Transition to Career: Student Experiential Education and the Role of Disability Services
Sarah Helm, The University of Tennessee
Katherine McCary, Sun Trust Bank
Alan Muir, Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities