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AHEAD produces a wide variety of publications that address disability challenges and solutions in higher education and beyond. Publications include books, course materials, brochures, DVDs, the Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability (available online), and the ALERT newsletter (for members only); accessible versions are available upon request.

To order, please submit the AHEAD Publications Order Form (Word document, 43.5 KB): Via fax: 704-948-7779 Via e-mail: Via mail: AHEAD; 107 Commerce Center Drive, Suite 204; Huntersville, NC 28078

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Recent Releases

image of the cover of the book titled Testing Accommodations Reference Manual

Testing Accommodations Reference Manual

Trisha Tonge Barefield, Sarah Kesler, & Karen Kalivoda

100 Things every College Student with a Disability Ought to Know book image

100 Things Every College Student With a Disability Ought to Know (Second Edition)

Kendra D. Johnson & Trudie N. Hines (Published by The Cambridge-Stratford Study Skills Institute)

Meeting the Needs Book cover image

Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Health-Related Education Programs

Brandon M. Carey, Grant H. Turnwald, Howard Kallem, Kristi Bleyer, & Barbara Blacklock

Course Materials

A Clear Standard for Access to Instruction Presented by: L. Scott Lissner, AHEAD President

AHEAD President Scott Lissner hosts a nationally recognized panel of experts as they present important highlights of recent cases, discuss campus obligations for accessibility in online environments and give concrete steps you can take to review, plan and refine your online access policies and delivery methods.

90 minute audiorecording with transcripts.

Pricing -- AHEAD/SDS members $39.00, Non-AHEAD/SDS members $99.00

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Revised Guidance Regarding Documentation Practices Presented by: Jean Ashmore, AHEAD President L. Scott Lissner, AHEAD President-Elect Carol Funckes, Chair AHEAD Standing Committee on Professional Development Jo Anne Simon, Attorney At Law

In mid-May 2012 AHEAD ended its previous “best practice” guidance on issues related to disability documentation in postsecondary education, and published new guidance, Supporting Accommodation Requests: Guidance on Documentation Practices from the Association on Higher Education And Disability. 

AHEAD’s new framework presents a comprehensive, reasonable approach to using information available from a variety of sources to guide appropriate decision-making and support equal treatment and the provision of accommodations. In an effort to ensure that all AHEAD members and other constituencies are aware of and understand this new, substantively different guidance, AHEAD offered a Tele-webconference on Thursday, May 24th, 2012.

If you were unable to join us, you may order the recording and accompanying materials from this important event. This packet includes a full audio recording of the session on CD, transcripts of the sessions, handouts, and PowerPoint.

Pricing -- AHEAD/SDS members $44.00, Non-AHEAD/SDS members $179.00

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AHEAD to You! Audioconference Packets Were you unable to attend an audioconference, but wish you could have? Did the session you participated in leave you wanting more? If you answered yes, to either of the above, then these packets are for you!

AHEAD's audioconference packet includes a full audio recording of the session on CD-Rom, transcripts of the sessions, handouts, and PowerPoint (when available).

Currently, we have two audioconference dates available in package format (each is a separate order):

  • Documentation: What do we really need to know? (First aired: February 18, 2010; Presented by Scott Lissner)
  • Demystifying the ADAAA, ADAAG and Other New Laws and Regulations (First aired: March 4, 2010; Presented by Irene Bowen & Jo Anne Simon)

Pricing -- AHEAD Members: $59.00 (includes shipping) / Non-AHEAD Members: $139.00

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Policy Tele-Institute for Higher Education Packet (Audioconference Series) A Policy Tele-Institute for Higher Education: Implementing the "new" ADA and DOJ regulations Congress clarified the ADA's definition of disability, including a broader range of people and increased its focus on disability in the reauthorization of the Higher Education Opportunity Act. The Department of Justice has updated its ADA regulations for program access, issued joint guidance with the Department of Education on access to emerging instructional technologies, issued new accessibility standards and is undertaking more rule making. AHEAD offers this unique and timely opportunity designed for collaborative teams in postsecondary education settings. Learn what the changes mean and how to prepare an institutional response from this multi-session audioconference series. Recorded in Fall 2010, this package includes recordings, transcripts and accompanying slides and handouts for each session. You may order each session individually or save and order the entire series.

Session 1: Transforming Law Into Policy and Practice (2 hour introduction) Session 2: Exploring the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design: Facilities and the Physical Environment (90 minutes) Session 3: Program Access and Changes in the ADA's Title II and III Regulations (90 minutes) Session 4: Establishing Policy, Practice and Resources for Virtual Environments: Technology, Web Access, and Access to Print Materials (90 minutes) Session 5: Documentation Policies under the ADAAA (90 minutes)

Pricing-- $59.00 each or $179.00 for entire series

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100 Things Every College Student With a Disability Ought to Know (Second Edition)
Kendra D. Johnson & Trudie N. Hines (Published by The Cambridge-Stratford Study Skills Institute)

100 Things every College Student with a Disability Ought to Know book image

A "significant transition" awaits students with disabilities who are starting college. Empowered with the right information, students with disabilities can make the adjustment less unnerving and overwhelming. 100 Things is a consumer-friendly, self-orientation to college guidebook written with the help of "been there" students that provides an in-hand resource for navigating the maze of college orientation more effectively and productively. It gives a road map for problem-solving students with disabilities will be grateful to have for years ahead.

Price: $14.95

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Becoming Self-Determined: Creating Thoughtful Learners in a Standards-Driven, Admissions-Frenzied Culture
Sharon Field, Ed.D. and David R. Parker, Ph.D. (Editors)

Becoming Self-Determined book

Although the current generation of U.S. undergraduates may have higher test scores, more A.P. credits, and longer lists of extracurricular activities than students at any other time in history, too many of these bright young people are coming to campus without a strong sense of who they are and what they want out of life. Becoming Self-Determined provides research-based but practical strategies that college administrators, faculty, learning center staff, counseling/student health clinicians, disability services staff, and residential life staff can use to help students gain more from their college education. It can also help stressed-out parents and students get off the treadmill and view challenges and supports in college as a meaningful part of an education for life.

Members: $33.50 / Non Members: $45.00

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Beyond Transition: An Interactive Workbook for College-Bound Students with LD and ADHD)
Mary Barrows, Jennifer Newton and Emily Collins

Beyond Transitions book cover

This interactive workbook is designed to guide you, a student with a learning disability (LD) and/or attention deficit disorder (ADHD), as you develop from a successful high school student to a successful college student. The materials in Beyond Transition are organized on the framework of self-regulated learning. This structure is designed to emphasize the importance of your role in your academic progress, to highlight your growing independence as a learner, and to stress the importance of identifying new structures and supports for this new phase in your academic development. To you, the parent, we appreciate the important roles parents play in supporting their students’ development. These materials have been designed to facilitate communication between students and parents as they move through and beyond the transition to college. Finally, professionals who provide support to high school and college students with learning disabilities and ADHD, guidance counselors and advisers, may also find the material in Beyond Transition useful. We hope that you will find the approach offered by this workbook to be one that could benefit the students and families with whom you work.

AHEAD Members: $30.00 / Non-members: $45.00

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The Essential Six, Volume One A Parent's Guide: How to Pave the Road to Self-Advocacy for College Students with Learning Differences
Lorri Comeau & Mickey Cronin

The essential Six, Volume One book

The debut volume of The Essential Six series focuses on the development of self-advocacy skills for students with learning differences, and how parents can help encourage and support their son(s) or daughter(s) along the way. This publication presents useful information to simplify the transition from high school to college through definitions of complex disability-related vocabulary, lists of questions that parents can ask their children to foster self-advocacy skills, and appendices with online resources and recommended readings for further research. High School guidance counselors, transition specialists, and college DS personnel will find the information useful for their work with students as well. (2011. soft cover. 67 pp.)

AHEAD Members: $20 / Non Members: $35

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Expanding Postsecondary Options for Minority Students with Disabilities

Expanding postsecondary options book

For many years, Talent Search programs - funded by the federal government through the Department of Education, Division of Students Services - have provided outreach and services to disadvantaged students who have the potential to succeed in postsecondary education. The work done through these and similar programs has been commendable, with the percentage of students from traditionally under-represented backgrounds who enroll in college every year. Much of the information presented here was compiled from programs that are currently being operated under the auspices of the TRIO programs. While it is not a "how-to" for TRIO programs, many of the concepts used are applicable to other similar programs. Supported by the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services of the United States Department of Education.

AHEAD Members: $18.00 / Non-members: $26.00

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Facilitating an Academic Support Group for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Manual for Professionals
Janis Johnson

Facilitating an accademic support book

A classic AHEAD publication, this manual outlines processes and activities of a support group for students with LD. A topic-centered format is offered to facilitate the development of study strategies and interpersonal skills. (2002. Softcover. 88 pp.)

Non-members $25.00, Members $17.00

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The Guide to Assisting Students with Disabilities: Equal Access in Health Science and Professional Education
Lisa M. Meeks & Neera R. Jain

he Guide to Assisting Students with Disabilities: Equal Access in Health Science and Professional Education book image

Students with disabilities studying health sciences face unique challenges within their educational environments that require distinct accommodations. This manual is a vital resource for administrators and faculty in health science programs that describes how to create accommodations that meet the needs of students with disabilities in academic health science settings. Grounded in federal disability law, case law, and Office for Civil Rights (OCR) determinations, this highly practical manual is written by experienced disability service providers from some of the most prestigious health science schools in the country. In a clear, well-organized format, they bring their expertise to bear on all aspects of disability and disability law in the health science setting. Citing legal cases and real-life scenarios, the manual describes best practices for good decision making, how to avoid problems by implementing strong accessibility-focused policies, and how to resolve problems in difficult cases, with a focus on providing effective services for students while protecting the institution from potential liability.

Each chapter is replete with illustrative examples, including tips for creative accommodations, advice for troubleshooting, and specific guidance for working with students with all types of disabilities. The book describes the process for determining disability accommodations and provides examples of typical accommodations in didactic as well as clinical and laboratory settings. Tools provided in the text include sample letters and procedures, lists of nationwide professional resources, flowcharts, graphs, and worksheets to assist disability service providers with determining and implementing appropriate student accommodations. Additionally, it discusses myths about disability, the importance of professional communication around disability, and how to encourage a culture of disability acceptance within schools. With its concrete framework, this book will help disability service and administrative professionals move away from a mode of "putting out fires" and toward establishing a welcoming environment where students feel safe to disclose their disabilities early and seek the support and accommodations needed to facilitate equal access.


  • Addresses all aspects of disability and disability law for students in the health science setting
  • Includes clearly written Dos and Don'ts
  • Presents examples of accommodations that are appropriate in the classroom, clinic, and laboratory
  • Provides easy-to-follow flowcharts and worksheets
  • Includes resources for students and legal case examples throughout

Price: $65.00

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Mathematics and Disabilities Handbook: Guide for Students with LD, ADHD, TBI and Wounded Warriors -- eBook (Academic Success Press, 2012).
Paul Nolting, Ph.D.

Mathematics and LD Handbook

Colleges and universities are experiencing more difficulty in helping their students pass math courses and graduate. This is especially true for students with disabilities in LD, ADHD, TBI, and PTSD. Wounded warriors are the newest group that will struggle with passing math and will needs additional understanding about their math learning problems and appropriate accommodations and instruction. However, there is very little information on this subject.

This handbook the fourth in a series on helping students with disabilities become successful in math. The handbook has research and suggestions for disability coordinators, learning resource centers, department chairs, veteran coordinator, math instructors, counselors and deans. It has the most recent information on how LD, ADHD, TBI and PTSD affect math learning. The handbook suggests instructional strategies, math study skills and appropriate accommodations/strategies that pertain to the student, instructor, counselor and institution. Special attention is given to wounded warriors and improving their success in math courses. The handbook also has check lists for documentation of LD, ADHD and TBI along with a sheet that explains how cognitive ability factors influence math achievement and which factors are significant. It also can be use as a legal reference for appropriateness of accommodations, course substitutions, testing accommodations, and writing appropriate policies and procedures in light of the revised ADA. This handbook is a must for helping students under the revised ADA and for wounded warriors to become successful in college. Click here ( to learn more about the handbook and order with a credit. You can also order the handbook with a PO though AHEAD (put in link to your order form or reference to you order form).

**eBook access information will be e-mailed or mailed to customers subsequent to credit card payment or PO.

Price: $49.95

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Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Health-Related Education Programs
Brandon M. Carey, Grant H. Turnwald, Howard Kallem, Kristi Bleyer, & Barbara BlacklockMeeting the Needs Book cover image

The health professions often struggle to find the right balance between maintaining technical standards and ensuring non-discrimination in their academic programs.

The authors of Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Health-Related Education Programs have extensive legal and disability services experience. They describe this publication as a “‘road map’ for health professionals in understanding their responsibilities, procedures, and limitations in accommodating students with disabilities” (noted in Preface).

In Part I of the book, they offer solid legal foundations as well as guidance in the application of law to health professions education. Part II gives a thoughtful and knowledgeable walk-through of the accommodations process which addresses many of the common questions from faculty and DS professionals.

This book serves as an essential addition to the higher education bookshelf and will be a well-used resource.

Member rate: $15.00
Non-Member Rate: $22.50

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Navigating College Manual for Teaching the Portfolio (online license)
Kimberly Nolting

Navigating college manual book

Teaching and learning lesson plans to work with the Navigating College Student Textbook The Teacher's Manual for Navigating College provides in-class activity ideas for each chapter. As well, it provides suggestions to help students master the out of class assignments along with suggested grading rubrics. Finally, one chapter describes how to use Navigating College: Strategy Manual for a Successful Journey in college success courses, mentoring programs, one-on-one counseling/advising plans, and developmental English and reading courses.

Price: $19.95

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Navigating College: Strategy Manual for a Successful Voyage
Kimberly Nolting; Academic Success Press, Inc.

Navigating college strategy book

A portfolio of readings and activities for new college students, all based in student persistence research. Reading and activities include: Exploring Your Learning Profile: personality and learning styles, developing healthy attitudes and self-perceptions, learning the best way for you to study, building a support system. Getting Engaged in Learning and College: getting along with professors, making collegial friends. Life Management Plan: exploring values and goals, setting short and long term goals, managing conflict. What is Learning?: expectations of college learning, self-regulated learning, active learning, deep learning. Designing Study Maps: creating study systems for each class. Learning Strategies for Different Academic Courses: studying for history, science, composition, behavioral sciences, and math. These important college-critical skills can be used by a variety of students. College students can purchase and use activities on their own to adjust to college. High school students preparing for college and read the summer before and develop strategies to use during the first few weeks of their college experience. Returning adults can use the portfolios to get back in the groove of being in college. * Counselors can use the activities when they work one-on-one with students. (soft-cover, 131 pages)

Price: $24.95

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Study Skills for Learning Disabled and Struggling Students (Grades 6-12) (Assessment with a license for installation in 1 computer at 1 site and 1 FREE reproducible activity book)

Study skills book

The computer assessment identifies the study skills and strategies the student with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder or special needs must learn: strategies for remembering information, preparing for and taking tests, reading and taking notes from textbooks, solving math word problems, taking notes in class, using the library, using the internet, using reference sources, interpreting graphics aids, writing a research paper, and making good use of study time and space Upon completion of the 15 minute assessment, a Diagnostic Profile and a Narrative Report are immediately printed. The assessment can be administered an unlimited number of times. WIN (3.1/95/98). The 236-page reproducible activity book allows you to teach the study skills and strategies assessed. It includes 154 activities, suggestions for using the activities, and answer keys. Readability and complexity are modified to meet special needs (reproducible activity book, 236 pages)

Price: $189.00

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Testing Accommodations Reference Manual)

Testing Accommodations Reference Manual book cover

This manual is an update to Exam Accommodations, one of AHEAD’s best-selling publications. It has been updated and revised, and is an important addition to disability service professionals' libraries. Reflecting best practices in disability services, this essential reference provides detailed information regarding issues related to testing accommodations at the postsecondary level. New and revised sections include:

  • Assistive technology
  • Academic Honesty
  • Administering online exams
  • Emergency preparedness

Sample forms, letters and policies are included to assist you in your own administration of testing for students with disabilities.

AHEAD Members: $20.00 / Non-members: $30.00

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Veterans with Disabilities: Promoting Success in Higher Education
Tom Church

Veterans with disabilities book

With an ever-growing population of disabled Veterans, Veterans with Disabilities: Promoting Success in Higher Education comes at a crucial time. From legal accommodations and employment opportunities, to an overview of major veteran support organizations and resources for further research, this manual provides crucial information for veterans and the professional communities who seek to promote their success in higher education. Chapters in this helpful resource include: (1) Relevant History of War and Energy, (2) Veterans' Policy/Organization Development and Employment Issues, (3) Injuries and Conditions, (4) Educational Issues, (5) Injury-Based Accommodation Strategies, and (6) Programs and Initiatives in Postsecondary Education. In addition, Church provides lists of useful resources for veterans and a guide for further research. (2009. Soft cover. 115 pp.)

AHEAD Members: $15.00 / Non-members: $25.00

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Winning at Math: Your Guide to Learning Mathematics Through Successful Study Skills (5th Edition) (Academic Success Press)
Paul Nolting, Ph.D.

Winning at math book

The new 5th edition of Winning at Math has been redesigned to read easier, while still featuring in-depth analysis in areas such as test anxiety, math anxiety, as well as the attitudes required to persist through a math course. Other areas of the book have been expanded to enhance the learning experience of students as they explore how to improve How to Reduce Test Anxiety CD attached to the inside back cover. (2007. Soft-cover. CD inside back cover)

Price: $29.95

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Advising Students with Disabilities Advising Students with Disabilities

A brand new addition to the extensive library of resource publications available from AHEAD, this brochure is a must-have for any professional who advises students with disabilities. It is a well-written publication and is an easy read with a lot of useful information including:

  • Tips for advising students with specific needs (psychological disabilities, physical disabilities, etc.)
  • Accommodations (how to get them, who to contact, and where to go)
  • Collaborating with other professionals on campus
  • Description of Universal Design
  • ...and more!

This publication is one to keep on your desk and share widely with your colleagues across campus; you'll find yourself using it on a regular basis!

1 - 49 brochures: $ .50 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .45 each 100+ brochures: $ .40 each

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College Students with Learning Disabilities (Revised Fall 2011) Loring Brinckerhoff & Manju Banerjee College Students with LD brochure

Rewritten with dramatically expanded content, this incredible double brochure offers a wealth of information regarding issues related to learning disabilities in higher education. This general information brochure originally produced by the McBurney Resource Center addresses several crucial topics including:

  • Definitions of what a learning disability is (and is not)
  • Characteristics of college students with learning disabilities including: Cognitive Processing and Executive Functioning, Reading Skills, Written Language Skills, Expressive/Receptive Language Skills, Mathematical Skills, and Organizational and Study Skills
  • Suggestions for faculty and students including strategies for creating an inclusive classroom and helpful strategies for students to implement.

1 - 49 brochures: $ .55 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .50 each 100+ brochures: $ .45 each

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College Students Who Have ADHD (2011 Edition)

College Students with ADHD

Topics addressed in this brochure include:

  • What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
  • When is ADHD Considered a Disability Condition?
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Important Points to Remember
  • Resources for Further Information

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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College Students Who Have Chronic or Episodic Disabilities (2011 Edition)

College Students who have chronic diseases or medical conditions brochure

Topics addressed in this brochure include:

  • What is a disability?
  • Medical and Chronic Disabilities in the Academic Environment
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Universal Design Concepts

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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College Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (2011 Edition)

College Students who are deaf and hard of hearing brochure

This wonderfully informative extra length quad-fold brochure is perfect to have on hand to give to students, teachers, administrators, parents, peers. Written in a clear, easy-to-understand manner and chock-full of terrific information; this brochure will be a great addition to your office's information and awareness resources. The brochure concisely addresses:

  • Types of hearing loss
  • Cultural and communication specifics
  • Hearing loss in the academic environment
  • Reasonable accommodation strategies
  • Universal design and hearing loss
  • Written by highly respected experts and AHEAD members, Carol Funckes and Richard Allegra, this handy publication is perfect to keep on hand for passing out to prospective students, families, faculty, staff, and secondary school colleagues.

1 - 49 brochures: $ .50 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .45 each 100+ brochures: $ .40 each

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Confidentiality and Disability Issues in Higher Education (2011 Edition)

Confidentiality and disability issues brochure

This valuable brochure concisely addresses issues crucial to topics of confidentiality as they relate to disability in higher education. Specific topics addressed include:

  • What are the rules regarding confidentiality?
  • Why do we need these rules?
  • What does that mean for postsecondary institutions?
  • Faculty rights under FERPA
  • A word about persons with disabilities employed by the institutions

This brochure is a perfect informational source to be distributed to students, faculty and administrative staff and other disability professionals.

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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Preparing for College: Options for Students with Learning Disabilities (2011 Edition)

Preparing for college brochure

This 15-page booklet is chock-full of useful, practical information for students, families and others who have an interest in facilitating successful secondary to postsecondary transition for students with learning disabilities. The booklet concisely addresses:

  • Considering a Postsecondary Education Experience
  • Preparing Yourself Academically for a College Education
  • The Differences Between High School and College
  • Support Services in College
  • Understanding Your Disability and Advocacy
  • Postsecondary Options
  • Funding
  • Beginning the College Search
  • Questions to Use When Researching Colleges

Written by highly respected transition experts and AHEAD members, Dr. Lydia Block and Wayne Cocchi, this handy publication is perfect to keep on hand for passing out to prospective students, families, faculty, staff, and secondary school colleagues.

1 - 25 copies: $1.35 each 26 - 50 copies: $1.25 each 51+ copies: $1.10 each

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Ready, Set, Go: Helping Students with Learning Disabilities Prepare for College (2011 Edition)

Ready, set, go brochure

With new content, this brochure covers consideration and preparation for the student with learning disabilities in the transition beyond high school. It offers a list of 20 activities and necessary steps ranging from testing to independence to advocacy for students with learning disabilities to take as they prepare themselves for higher education.

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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Section 504: The Law and Its Impact on Postsecondary Education (2011 Edition)

This brochure summarizes the effect Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 has on institutions of higher education. It explains who is protected under the law, what colleges and universities can do to implement program modifications, and what they may not do. Offered by AHEAD in cooperation with the American Council on Education and the HEATH Resource Center.

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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The Americans with Disabilities Act: The Law and Its Impact on Postsecondary Education (2011 Edition)

ADA brochure

Topics addressed in this brochure include:

  • What Is the law?
  • What is the ADA's definition of a "person with a disability?
  • How does the ADA affect institution of higher education?
  • Employment issues under the ADA
  • Areas of review for an ADA self-evaluation

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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Universal Design: A Guide for Students (2011 Edition)

UD - guide for students brochure

One of three brochures in the UD series, this brochure explains how universal design principles are applied to learning. This clearly written and lively resource encourages students to think about their educational experience in a new way. While geared to students, this publication is actually useful to anyone who wants to implement universal design into the curriculum. Topics include:

  • An Outline of UD Principles
  • A Summary of Service Provision and Student Identity
  • Ideas for Promoting UD on Campus
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • References

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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Universal Design in Higher Education (2011 Edition)

UD in higher education

This concise brochure explains universal design principles in a straight-forward manner. The concepts and applications of UD are presented with faculty, administrators and other campus staff in mind. Includes these useful sections:

  • Universal Design Overview
  • UD Principles Explained
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • References

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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Universal Design for Inclusive Lectures and Presentations (2011 Edition)

Yniversal Design for inclusive lectures brochure

This resource explores the application of universal design principles to the process of designing inclusive speeches, presentations and lectures to minimize the need for individual accommodations. The following sections are included:

  • Principles for Universal Design for Instruction
  • Challenges and UD Strategies Chart for Instructional Methodologies
  • How Can "Universal Design for Instruction" Improve my Presentation?
  • Where do I go for support?
  • Essential Elements and Strategies for Universally Designed Presentations

1 - 49 brochures: $ .45 each 50 - 99 brochures: $ .40 each 100+ brochures: $ .35 each

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A Culture Undiscovered: The Impact of Learning Disabilities on Racially and Ethnically Diverse Students (49 minutes, open captioned; DVD) Miguel Gallardo

This educational video program explores the experiences college students with learning disabilities from diverse racial and/or ethnic backgrounds encounter in their daily lives. The interplay of culture and a learning disability diagnosis are brought together to enhance our understanding of the complex dynamics of disability and culture. The program focuses on six college students from Asian American, African American, and Hispanic/Latino backgrounds discussing their successes and struggles in coming to terms with having a learning disability. This program is ideal for showing to students, professional staff, and faculty who work with students who have learning disabilities.

AHEAD Members: $119.00 / Non-members: $149.00

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