2022 Conference App

We're excited to announce that the 2022 Conference App is now available! With the App, you can review the Conference schedule, complete session evaluations, receive notification of last minute changes, and more!

Search for "AHEAD 2022"or "2022 AHEAD" in the Google Play (ANDROID) or App Store (iPhone, iPad)

Questions? Contact AHEAD at 704-947-7779 or ahead@ahead.org

Accessing Handouts Via App

While the conference app itself should work with Android or iOS devices, there are known issues with accessing handouts from Android devices on this year's updated version of the app. We sincerely apologize for not addressing it in time for the 2022 conference and will work to correct the issue before the app is used again for AHEAD events.

In terms of accessibility, the most reliable way to access the handouts and have them remain accessible is to do so on a laptop, since not all applications will interact with a document in the same way. The best way to access handouts from an Android device is by visiting the handouts page on the AHEAD website. Concurrent sessions within the app will include links to individual handout pages for access with iOS devices when the session has available handouts. This link will appear after the session description as "Available Handouts (iOS)".